Boston breaks Valentine’s Day cold weather record.

Life-threatening wind chills.

Of course this is weather, not climate. Remember that in August climate propagandists!

Over 10,000 without heat or power.

From the National Weather Service:

Wind Chill Warning remains in effect until noon EST today.

Locations: include all of southern New England except Cape Cod and the Islands.
Hazard types: Life Threatening wind chills.
Wind Chill readings, between 25 and 40 below zero.
Timing: The worst of the wind chills will be this morning.
Impacts: Wind chills this cold can bring on frostbite in as little as 10 minutes! Outdoor exposure should be limited in these conditions.
Air temperatures, lows between 8 and 16 below zero early this morning with even a few colder spots over the higher terrain.

Recommended actions

A Wind Chill Warning is issued when the wind chill index is likely to fall to -25 degrees or colder for at least 3 hours. A wind chill index below -30 can bring about frostbite in as little as 10 minutes. Outdoor exposure should be limited. If you are heading outdoors, dress in layers and keep your hands and head covered to protect against frostbite.

Is record warmth man-made, but record cold natural?  Really?


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