“Climate Hustle” demolishes climate alarmism

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obamaandxiWithout presenting it to the U.S. Senate, as required by the Constitution, President Obama has signed the Paris climate treaty. He is already using it to further obligate the United States to slash its fossil fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions, and economic growth … control our lives, livelihoods, living standards, and liberties … and redistribute our wealth. Poor, minority, and working class families will suffer most.

China, India, and other “developing” economies are under no such obligation, unless and until it is in their interest to do so. For them, compliance is voluntary – and they cannot afford to eliminate the fossil fuels that supply 85% of all global energy, generate some 90% of developing nations’ electricity, and will lift billions of people out of abject poverty. That’s why these countries have built over 1,000 coal-fired power plants and are planning to build 2,300 more – while unaccountable EPA bureaucrats are shutting down U.S. coal-fired generators, and getting ready to block natural gas production and use.

What if the entire foundation for this energy and economic insanity were erroneous, groundless, fabricated … a climate con job – a Climate Hustle?

That is exactly what CFACT’s new movie demonstrates is actually going on.

Climate Hustle is the perfect antidote to the destructive, demoralizing climate alarmism that dominates political decisions and obsesses the Obama White House and EPA. You owe it to yourself to see it.

It’s coming to a theater near you on Monday, May 2, for a special one-night engagement.

I saw Climate Hustle April 14, at its U.S. premiere on Capitol Hill in Washington. The film is informativeliberty and entertaining, pointed and humorous. As meteorologist Anthony Watts says, it is wickedly effective in its using slapstick humor and the words and deeds of climate alarmists to make you laugh at them.

It examines the science on both sides of the issue … presents often hilarious planetary Armageddon prophecies of Al Gore, Leonard Nimoy, and other doomsayers … and lets 30 scientists and other experts expose the climate scares and scams, explain Real World climate science, and delve deeply into the politics and media hype that have surrounded this issue since it was first concocted several decades ago

Sizzling temperatures. Melting ice caps. Destructive hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and droughts. Disappearing polar bears. The end of civilization as we know it! The end of Planet Earth!

Emissions from our power plants, cars, factories, and farms are causing catastrophic climate change!

Or are they? Is there really a “97% scientific consensus” on this? Or is “dangerous manmade climate change” merely the greatest overheated environmentalist con-job and shell game ever devised to advance the Big Green anti-energy agenda?

See this amazing film on May 2, and find out for yourself. To learn where it’s showing near you, and to buy tickets, visit www.ClimateHustle.com

You’ll be glad you did.

Climate Hustle is hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Marc Morano.  A former communications director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Morano is publisher of CFACT’s ClimateDepot.com. The film is a production of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and CDR Communications. See the movie. Bring your friends. Make it a party. www.ClimateHustle.com


  1. cc April 28, 2016 at 1:00 PM

    Because it was signed unconstitutionally, any and every attempt to enforce the provisions can be summarily rejected and ignored, until such time as the citizens of this nation have a legally bound treaty. Just because 0bama says so, it ain’t good enough. He’s a lawless lawbreaker so none of his edicts are lawful to require obeisance.

    • ErikKC2 May 1, 2016 at 6:26 AM

      Actually, it wasn’t “signed unconstitutionally” at all. A President can sign any treaty he likes. It simply doesn’t become law unless it is ratified by the Senate. Not likely.

      As such, he isn’t a “lawless lawbreaker” or any other such poor English description.

      He can also enforce any provisions that he is empowered to. Agencies under his executive umbrella, for instance, can create regulations.

      Now, of course, Congress can also exercise their power to create their own, legally binding regulations, that would supersede administrative ones created by such agencies as the EPA.

      And, of course, any future President can ignore any provisions of this non-ratified treaty, if they so wish. And, they too can order executive branch controlled agencies to change any regulations ordered by any previous President.

      Believing otherwise does not make it so. Remember, belief is not truth, no matter how so very much you wish it so.

  2. hughjones August 10, 2016 at 8:00 PM

    Will we switch to worrying about the principal GHG before we go broke worrying about a trace gas?

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