Thousands of international bureaucrats, crony capitalists and Green campaigners have gathered at COP 22, the UN’s annual big climate conference.

This year it’s in Marrakech, Morocco.  Thanks to your support CFACT is there!

They came to cash in on the expectations of wealth and power they built after they finally brought the U.S. into the UN climate regime with last year’s Paris climate agreement.

A funny thing happened on day two of the UN conference.  The U.S. voted Trump.

Eagle Forum’s Cathie Adams is with CFACT in Morocco.  We posted her observations about the “giant shadow” Donald Trump’s victory is casting over the UN conference at  Cathie reports that, “European Union representatives proclaimed that they would not wait for the U.S. to catch up, which begs the question of what we would want to catch up to. Our economy is stronger and our standard of living is higher than most in the EU, so why would Americans prefer the EU’s radical environmental agenda?”

CFACT attended a briefing chaired by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa of Morocco.  They made clear that spending your tax dollars on climate reeducation is a key UN goal.  “Indonesia and Uganda” they noted, “have developed national climate change strategies. The Dominican Republic allocated more than $1 million to train teachers on climate change. The Mexican national climate change law includes education as one of its objectives. Non-governmental organizations have been implementing training activities, and youth organizations have raised awareness…

In 2015, the climate change secretariat supported a unique, public consultation on climate change in close to a hundred developed and developing countries. Asked what actions would most likely help combating climate change, More than 77% said education on climate change for the broader public.”

Of course when the UN talks about climate education it means propaganda.  They want massive funding to place the warming campaign’s talking points relentlessly before the public.  That the information they present is riddled with half truths and outright lies doesn’t enter into it.

Yesterday CFACT’s Marc Morano presented a 43 page State of the Climate” report to the conference that debunks the hype and lays out the real facts.  We’re doing our best to keep up with all the media interest. You’ll want to check out this important report for yourself and save it for reference.  Be sure to share it with a friend.

Here at the UN climate conference they know the game has changed.  They are uncertain how much.  CFACT will make sure they find out.

CFACT is working hard in Marrakech, but not alone.  Our work depends on your support and our friends are coming through.  If you’ve not yet had a chance to chip in, please make your gift right now.  This important work depends on you and we will never forget that.  We’re grateful to you all.  Thank you.

2016 State of the Climate Report

By Marc Morano

Presented to COP 22

UN conference on climate change

November 14, 2016


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.