PC out of control on campus?

Are America’s colleges and universities seeing heightened levels of political correctness in recent months? Well the disturbing answer is “yes,” at least according to Adam Houser, of the Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow, who has this to say: “Since the ascension of Donald Trump, the political left has cracked down more and more on free speech on college campuses. I’ve seen this first hand, where one protester destroyed our pro-fracking sign at Temple University in Philadelphia, and a professor told me I should be ashamed of myself for my views on this issue. In another instance, multiple liberals we interviewed at Portland State University advocated the jailing of climate skeptics. It’s getting really bad out there.”


About the Author: Adam Houser

Adam Houser coordinates student leaders for CFACT's collegians program.

  • Betawelder

    If you want to keep the 1st Amendment, you had better remember the the 2nd. Once they shut you up they can come for you with impunity. Stand up speak the truth and don’t be denied, when they become violent defend yourself.