Earlier I described NASA’s massive alarmist websites, including one specifically for indoctrinating kids. Well NOAA’s Climate.gov website rivals NASA’s, in more ways than one. There is actually a rivalry between the two agencies to see who can be the most alarmist.

To begin with, you would think that a site named Climate.gov would be government wide, with content from all the agencies that do climate related stuff. According to the US Global Change Research Program there are at least 14 such agencies, with a combined research budget of $3 billion or so a year. NOAA’s funding is just a small piece of this juicy alarmist pie, but their content is about all there is on the Climate.gov website. The other agencies are just occasionally mentioned in NOAA news or blog items.

One possible reason for this isolation is that other agency’s climate data and analyses do not agree with NOAA’s. For example, NOAA and NASA each run a statistical model that estimates the global average surface temperature and the two seldom agree. NOAA’s solemn proclamations of global temperature would not work if they also reported NASA’s version. The discrepancies would become obvious. Mind you neither of these temperature guesses is any good.

More broadly some of the USGCRP agencies are not nearly as hyperbolically alarmist as NOAA, such as DOD, DOE and USDA. As an example, NOAA has a program to define “climate literacy” as accepting climate alarmism, but no other agency has signed onto this wacky scheme. Note that the USGCRP has the URL of GlobalChange.gov which sort of overlaps Climate.gov and probably adds to the climate confusion.

Mind you, NASA is just as alarmist as NOAA, but NASA’s extreme alarmism takes a different form than NOAA’s. The differences may trace back to the personality differences between their respective leaders. For decades NASA’s climate guru was James “death trains” Hansen. He was a flamboyant publicity hound, which is just how NASA’s climate stuff mostly looks today — flashy and shallow alarmism.

Until recently NOAA’s guru was Thomas “King” Karl, who was more into power than publicity. His primary goal, thankfully as yet unachieved, was to create and lead a National Climate Service along the lines of the National Weather Service. This would institutionalize climate modeling (some argue that it is the modelers who need to be institutionalized, but I digress). Bogus climate warnings would be issued like weather warnings.

Karl is the one who “adjusted” the NOAA surface temperature estimates to make the long term pause in global warming disappear. He has also been a driving force behind the absurd National Climate Assessments, one of which is still in progress. This King Karl power drive alone might explain why NOAA owns Climate.gov.

It should also be noted that Climate.gov reports that it is on track to exceed 8 million visitors this year, a visitor rate that is up a whopping 25% from last year. That is a heck of a lot of NOAA propaganda and it is growing fast. In fact the CLEAN student indoctrination center is funded by NOAA and included in Climate.gov, so a lot of these millions of visitors probably wind up there. The “CL” in CLEAN stands for NOAA’s nonsensical “climate literacy.”

It is high time that Climate.gov either became government wide, and ceased being alarmist, or was terminated. Taking it away from NOAA might be a good first step.


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