Thank you to everyone who has already made their crucial year-end gift to jump-start CFACT into 2018.  If you’ve not yet joined them now’s the time!

2017 was a doozy!

We are proud of our team.  That includes you!

CFACT exposes the hard facts that reveal what a disaster UN climate politics are for America and the world.  CFACT was there in Rio when the UN chose Green politics as its path to power.  We were there in Kyoto when the UN climate convention launched.  We were there in Copenhagen when Obama tried and failed to place U.S. energy policy under the UN regime.  We were in Paris when the UN finally dragged America in.  And we were there in Marrakech and Bonn when America broke free.

Phew!  What a ride!

CFACT is the preeminent organization fully engaged in UN climate diplomacy as your advocate for freedom. With your help our fearless, relentless presentation of the facts is winning!  We couldn’t have done it without you – but of course, the climate empire is striking back.  We have a lot to do.

Will you make a generous, tax-deductible year-end gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, or more today to help CFACT close out this year and meet the serious challenges that lay ahead in 2018?

For many people 2017 will be the most valuable tax year to donate for years to come.  This is the perfect time to donate, so why not fund freedom?  CFACT proudly offers the maximum bang for your philanthropic buck in this essential cause.

So many of the warnings CFACT has issued since 1985 have come true and the constructive policies we’ve championed to address them are now front and center in the halls of government power.

Imagine, rolling back bogus national “landmarks” and giving the public back its land!  Left-wing EPA bureaucrats making a mass exodus!  America inches from energy independence for the first time since the Arab oil embargo!

Millions of people are plugged into the facts online through CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot and our hard-hitting social media campaigns.  Once people see the truths lurking behind the hidden agendas of Green politics they can’t “unsee” them.  This is vital work and we couldn’t do it without you.

Will you make the strongest end of year donation you can right now? 

CFACT’s feature film Climate Hustle had people nodding, laughing and cheering in packed theaters across the U.S. and now the world.  We’ve been hard at work on the next installment.

Will you help CFACT polish up this new gem of a film and move it into distribution where it can do some serious good? 

Green power-mongers are well aware of our success and are doing all they can to shut us down.  Their institutional might is daunting, especially on college campuses.  CFACT has created “Collegians” chapters, nationwide where the best and brightest students on Earth fight every day to break the P.C. tyranny and make our colleges places where facts can be freely and safely presented once again.  There is no more important cause you can support than this.  Won’t you make your gift now? 

We know the Left will not relinquish any of what C.S. Lewis called its “hideous strength” without a fight.  We must continue to confront them and win.  CFACT stands for freedom, dignity and prosperity for Americans and all people everywhere. Our fight never pauses.

2018 will be a year of peril, but great opportunity. CFACT is gearing up to meet the challenges ahead. 

Thank you for faithfully standing with us in this fight. And thank you in advance for making the most generous year-end contribution you can to jump-start our work into the new year.

CFACT stands ready.  Can we count on you?


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.