The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) are going org-wide in their frenzy to promote climate change alarmism. They call it the Climate Communications Initiative and it is pure propaganda.

Here is how the Academies explain it: “The National Academies are establishing a new Climate Communications Initiative (CCI) to coordinate efforts across the institution to facilitate rapid and effective communication of evidence-based insights to an attentive public and critical decision makers. CCI will leverage consensus reports and ongoing activities across the depth and breadth of scientific disciplines housed at the National Academies to offer a suite of authoritative and objective materials and engagement opportunities.

As we know, the bogus word “consensus” is code for climate alarmism, since there is no actual consensus regarding the threat of human caused climate change. The stated purpose of the CCI is thus purely political, namely influencing public opinion and “critical decision makers.”

The latest phase of this alarmist initiative is the creation of a CCI Advisory Committee. This is how NASEM operates; it is run by advisory committees, which act more like boards of directors.

The press release makes this pretty clear, saying this: “The Advisory Committee will help to develop a strategic plan for the initiative and provide guidance in implementing the plan. The committee will be chaired by David Titley, professor of practice in meteorology and founding director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at the Pennsylvania State University and former Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. Full roster available here. The group will hold its first public meeting March 6-7, 2018, in Washington, DC, details TBD. Public sessions will be webcast.”

Titley has become one of the leading climate alarmists, frequently testifying for the Democrats in Congressional hearings. That he created a Center for Solutions to Climate Risk says it all. That there is any risk from human caused climate change has yet to be demonstrated.

The Advisory Committee membership is an interesting mix. For example it includes someone from Scientific American, which long ago succumbed to climate alarmism. No doubt they are advising on how to reach the popular science audience.

There is also someone from Achieve, Inc., which is a heavyweight in K-12 education. Achieve has been the central station for developing the widely adopted Next Generation Science Standards, which stress teaching the doctrine of human caused climate change. This member is probably advising on how to reach children.

There is even someone from Exxon-Mobile’s Engineering Company. This is a bit of a surprise, given that Exxon’s CEO is presently the skeptical President Trump’s Secretary of State. Plus Exxon used to actively support American’s right to use gasoline.

However, Exxon has been under a lot of legal pressure to go green on climate change. For that matter they may well be interested in the engineering side of saving us from the fabricated threat of climate change, given that the cost estimates are staggering. In fact NASEM has a major initiative going on in so-called “engineering solutions” to the bogus threat of climate change.

I can find no information about who funds the CCI, but one of the Advisory Committee members is from NOAA, which is the lead alarmist agency in the Federal Government. I would not be surprised to find federal funding here, given that is NASEM’s principal income source.

By way of example, NASEM just brought out a big report saying that NOAA, NASA and the USGS should get big bucks to develop new space-based environmental observing systems. Of course the supposed threat of human caused climate change is offered as a major reason for needing this stuff. The point is that the study was funded by, you guessed it, NOAA, NASA and the USGS.

The National Academies operate under an 1863 (war measures) Congressional Charter. They are supposed to provide objective advice to the US Government, not to promote policies of their own choosing. But clearly in the case of climate alarmism they have become rampant activists. In fact their climate change website’s URL is “America’s Climate Choices.”

When it comes to climate change, the National Academies can no longer be trusted.


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