Global warming activists and their media allies have been pushing a narrative this week that global warming is producing a corn crisis, but record-high crop yields show the corn scare is just another example of fake news. As the earth continues its gradual warming, corn yields – and yields of virtually all other fruits and vegetables – continue to set annual records.

Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show U.S. corn farmers produced their highest-ever yield per acre in 2017 ( The 2017 record broke the previous record that was set in 2016. The 2016 record broke the previous record that was set in 2014. Including 2015, each of the past four years comprise the four highest corn yields in U.S. history.

The United States is not the sole beneficiary of global warming’s longer growing seasons, more atmospheric carbon dioxide, and improving soil moisture. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reported last November that 2017 was a record year for global cereal production, encompassing corn, wheat, and rice ( The 2017 global production record broke the previous record set in 2016. See a pattern here?

U.S. and global corn yields have nearly doubled in the 30 years since sensationalized Senate hearings in 1988 made global warming scares a signature issue of the environmental left and their media allies ( Despite this, the media have constantly asserted during the past 30 years that global warming is damaging food production and is on the verge of creating a global crop catastrophe.

CNN provides a good example of the media’s peddling of fake news to sell a false global warming alarm. In April 2017 published an article titled, “Climate change is hurting U.S. corn farmers – and your wallet.” The article asserts global warming is causing extreme weather events that are harming U.S. corn yields. The article attempts to humanize its claims by profiling Iowa State University scientist-activist Eugene Takle as he walks through Midwestern corn fields and talks about the alleged increase in extreme weather events. And, despite CNN’s alarmist headline, corn yields proceeded to set a new record in 2017, breaking the record that had been set the year before.

The impetus for this week’s ridiculous claims about global warming creating a corn crisis is a study published by the same group of taxpayer-dependent environmental scientists whose jobs and careers depend on the perpetualizing the asserted global warming crisis. The scientist-activists claimed they produced a model showing a sharp likely decline in corn yields if global temperatures rise 4 degrees Celsius. Their paper asserts a lesser decline if temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius. However, temperatures are rising at the pace of merely 1.3 degrees Celsius per century. Moreover, the undeniable increase in crop yields is occurring as the world has warmed more than 1 degree Celsius since the depths of the Little Ice Age approximately two centuries ago.

Every year the media make newer and bolder claims about global warming devastating crop production. And virtually every year global farmers set new production records, assisted by the benefits of a moderately warming planet.


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