It is called mission creep when a government operation tries to go beyond its established mission. In this case the operation is the UN led, Montreal Treaty group of nations. Their mission has always been far out and questionable, namely protecting the stratospheric ozone layer from human interference. Now they want to do their bit in the bogus war on climate change.

It is especially nasty when the government flips, saying that the fix that was right (and expensive) is now wrong (and much more expensive to refix), but it keeps them busy (and powerful). Here is the bad deal.

The Montreal Protocol is a 30 year old international treaty aimed at phasing out the use of certain chemicals, known as CFC’s. These were widely used in important things like refrigeration and air conditioning, where they did a great job.  CFC’s became the subject of a big green scare, based on the speculation that their release was creating a hole in the ozone layer, so they had to go. They were gradually replaced, at great expense, by chemicals called HFC’s.

Now we have the bogus global warming scare. It happens that HFC’s are greenhouse gases, so the Greens say that they now have to go. This is via something called in UN-speak the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

This amendment was adopted by the Montreal Treaty group back in 2016, when they happened to meet in Kigali, Rwanda, where they probably had air conditioning. Not surprisingly, the global warming fearing Obama team voted for it.

Enough member countries have adopted the amendment, so that it has gone into effect. Especially the developing countries, because just as with the Paris climate change agreement, they get big money from the developed countries, to help them carry it out. The ever-green European countries, led by France, have also adopted it.

But America has not yet adopted the Kigali Amendment and this is now a big issue. The Trump Administration has not submitted the Amendment to the Senate for ratification, nor should it. Better to let it lie and die, as we did with the infamous Kyoto Protocol on global warming. All of this global warming stuff is just money for nothing.

Or they could submit it, so the Senate can reject it. That would be definitive.

There is even a twist of fate here. What helped get the original Montreal Protocol through the Senate was a massive, science sounding report. It was completely biased in favor of the ozone hole scare, but the media bought it. Some of the people that engineered this hyped report then went on to help start and run the infamous UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change or IPCC.

The IPCC produces similarly biased, massive reports ever five years or so, hyping the climate change scare. The media loves them. Now the Montreal Protocol operation is trying to cash in on that scare, hoping that what goes around can come around.

Conclusion: The Montreal Protocol should stick to its questionable mission, which is largely complete at this point. Swapping out HFC’s in the name of stopping global warming, after spending a fortune putting them in, is just nuts. It is just another green scheme to transfer wealth, from America and the other developed countries, to the developing countries. There are no environmental benefits here, just expensive make-work.


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