When the U.S. pulled out of the UN’s ill-conceived Paris Climate Agreement, California Governor Jerry Brown and former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg stubbornly declared that they’re still in.

They’re using California’s giant economy and Bloomberg’s vast billions to put on a massive global warming circus called the “Global Climate Action Summit.”  It kicks off this Wednesday in San Francisco.  CFACT will be there!

California has become a world leader in foolish climate and energy policy.  Its legislature just voted to generate the “Golden State’s” electricity via 100 percent carbon-free means by 2045. They clearly do not understand the science or economics of what they propose, nor are they prepared for the ruinous unintended consequences in store.

Tom Harris and Dr. Jay Lehr describe the Global Climate Action Summit as a “tsunami of global warming and ‘clean energy’ propaganda.”  We posted their hard-hitting article at CFACT.org.

They cite Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry who noted that “just generating enough electricity to power the Houston metropolitan area would require over 21,000 square miles (13.4 million acres) of corn fields, if the fuel source was corn ethanol. ‘Think about that footprint!’ Landry exclaimed. To produce the same amount of electricity from wind power would take almost 900 square miles of wind turbines or 150 square miles of solar panels (and millions of batteries).”

If that’s what it would take to power just one city in Texas, imagine the harmful economic and environmental impacts of trying to power America’s largest state with government-mandated inefficient energy alone!

As radical as Brown and Bloomberg’s “summit” may be, it is not close to radical enough for the far-Left’s professional climate campaigners.  The San Francisco Chronicle reports that “well-financed and well-organized eco-activists are planning to put the squeeze on Gov. Jerry Brown… and mass demonstrations and civil disobedience are on the agenda.”  Greenpeace predicted “a loud, diverse and impressive turnout” of activists, who have been ‘talking, planning and having training in nonviolent civil disobedience’ for months.”  The left-wing group “Consumer Watchdog bought airtime on CNN and MSNBC for a 30-second spot featuring a 9-year-old girl calling out the governor as ‘cruel and heartless’ for allowing kids to live near polluting oil and gas rigs.”

So that’s where CFACT’s headed this week.  Radical leftists, distorted science, ignorant economics, inept solutions, sanctimonious bureaucrats and shameless opportunists cashing in — the global warming complete panoply on display.

CFACT will challenge those assembled by injecting hard facts into the discussion, asking tough questions and we may just find time to engage them in a bit of fun.

We’ll keep you posted.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.