Former VP Al Gore endorsed a penguin named “Earth” for congress.  Here’s the penguin’s website.

The penguin’s platform is all about wind and solar energy which it claims create jobs.  Earth the penguin can use a course in economics.

Wind and solar are highly subsidized and inefficient.  Every installation that goes up raises electricity prices for the community it “serves.”

Employing large numbers of people to service inefficient power sources brings to mind the story of the economist who saw a large number of people building a public works project with shovels instead of machinery.  He was told the reason for this was to maximize the number of jobs created, to which the economist replied, “if you want to maximize jobs, why not give them spoons?”

This is often attributed to Milton Friedman.  Whether Friedman, or anyone actually said it, the point strikes home.  Wise up penguin.  Wise up Gore.


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