UN General Assembly president Maria Espinosa kicked off the big climate circus in Poland by proclaiming “mankind is in danger of disappearing” if we don’t double down on UN climate politics (and funding).

The UN plans to save us all through the mighty power of political correctness.  They are making “gender” a key feature of the talks.

Thank you to everyone who came through to help CFACT travel to, report on, and impact COP 24, the UN climate conference in Katowice Poland.  Stay tuned, we’ve a lot in store.  We’re getting closer to our goal.  Will you give today and join the fight?

Also under the UN big top:

  • Our old pals at Greenpeace climbed a 600 foot tall tower at Poland’s Belchatow power plant, Europe’s largest coal plant and one of the largest in the world.  They wanted to dramatize Poland’s reliance on its vast reserves of coal to generate electricity.  Coal means energy independence for Poland, which they will not give up lightly.  Poland wants to avoid dependence on Russian natural gas.  They know that variable wind and solar offer no viable alternative.
  • The World Bank pledged $200 billion in climate funding to the delight of corporate rent-seekers and corrupt officials everywhere.
  • Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro rescinded his nation’s bid to host a UN climate summit next year, saying according to the AP, “Environmental politics can’t muddle with Brazil’s development…  Today, the economy is almost back on track thanks to agribusiness, and they are suffocated by environmental questions.”  Brazil’s new climate realism has caused massive hand-wringing among climate campaigners.  CFACT will be keeping a close eye on the Brazilian delegation.
  • Three American eco-gadfly groups, The Center for Biological Diversity, Farm Forward and Brighter Green issued a statement complaining that there were twice as many meat dishes as vegetable dishes in the COP cafeteria.  They conjured up a figure and declared that if all of us at the COP choose meat, it would be the same as burning half a million gallons of gasoline.  CFACT knows from experience that Poles have a way with meat dishes, so brace for impact.

Every year dire scientific pronouncements are made just in time to heat up the big UN climate conference.  Harvard astrophysicist Willie Soon is challenging serious errors in the UN science body’s (IPCC’s) report.  You can read about it at CFACT.org.

In another article David Wojick exposes what he calls the National Climate Assessment’s “simple hoax” at CFACT.org.  It works like this: The media runs climate scare stories about what “might” happen, downplays the “might” and manages to leave out how extremely exaggerated and unlikely those scenarios are.  Check out David Wojick’s full analysis.

We love that picture up top of CFACT’s founding president, and my dear friend, David Rothbard addressing 50,000 Poles on global warming at COP 19, the UN Conference on Climate Change in Warsaw.  We lost David this year and miss him every day.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.