“The problem is that now politics gets involved in what is supposed to be —what was designed to be— a non-political process for the betterment of the environment and animal populations in New Jersey. We had a black bear hunt. Man’s been playing for five years that that dictated that we needed the hunt for the reason of it was a management hunt. They keep calling it a trophy hunt. [Governor] Phil Murphy calls it a trophy hunt. It’s not a trophy hunting. Never was a trophy hunt. And it’s evidence that is not a trophy hunt.” — Cody McLaughlin

In Episode 201 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes back Cody McLaughlin to the program. Cody moved to Alaska from New Jersey back in January and gives listeners an update, salmon fishing report, and Stormy update. Plus, Gabby and Cody discuss Alaska hunting closures, New Jersey killing the fall 2021 black bear hunting season, bizarre UC-Davis study on fisheries, and new California law that would lead to bacon disappearing from the Golden State.

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Photo Credit: Cody McLaughlin


  • Gabriella Hoffman

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