“Shame on Patagonia. If they really cared about the environment, perhaps they wouldn’t manufacture in China, where, you know, 90% of the world’s plastics comes from four rivers in China and they pay child wages.” — Ryan Zinke, 52nd Interior Secretary under President Trump

In Episode 246 of District of Conservation, Gabriella exclusively sits down with former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke at SHOT Show for a conversation years in the making. Zinke, who served in Congress from 2015-2017, is running for Congress again in the new congressional district in Montana.  

Secretary Zinke discusses SHOT Show 2022, his tenure as Interior Secretary, his thoughts on Biden’s Interior Secretary, multiple-use public lands management, grizzly bears, national monuments and Patagonia accusing the Trump admin of stealing public lands, if “Yellowstone” on Paramount TV portray Montana issues accurately, and much more. 

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Photo: Gabriella Hoffman


  • Gabriella Hoffman

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