Apparently national leaders who are unconcerned when leftists vandalize, loot and burn are deeply concerned about truckers demonstrating for freedom.

The “foreign money” Trudeau hates so much is you!

Mandate freedom!

As CFACT told one Facebook detractor:

Freedom from pretending to filter out a virus with masks that don’t filter, distancing as though aerosols don’t drift six feet in an air current, quarantined borders as though Massachusetts needed protection from those dirty Rhode Islanders, freedom from children covering their faces without becoming safer. Freedom from bureaucratic inefficiency and the hysteria of crowds. Freedom from exploitation of fear to restrict the individual. Freedom to choose.


The stand truckers are taking for liberty in Canada is spreading quickly across the globe.

The Left wants protests shut down and voices silenced.

GoFundMe cut the truckers off.  Now bureaucrats and judges are working to freeze funds donated through GiveSendGo.

CFACT is funding the truckers directly by moving funds electronically to our high quality, rock solid CFACT Canada partners, who then resupply the freedom truckers immediately.

We cannot do it without you.  Please make the strongest gift you can right now and together let’s protect the rights of Canadian truckers and individuals everywhere to speak out for liberty.

Mandate Freedom!


Run the blockade! 1

Run the blockade! 2

Run the blockade! 3

Run the blockade! 4

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