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Marc Morano: “That would be the logical thing to do [increase drilling], but here’s here’s what’s interesting is that Biden Administration’s talking points on this strategic petroleum reserve release and the media copycat Bloomberg news, says: Biden embraces oil base and embraces energy and oil. This is the equivalent of someone having emergency savings account and deciding you want to go, go out on a big lavish vacations and say they are embracing, maybe spending money instead of actually making more money. So what has Biden done here? He’s raiding our reserves in order to try to paper over any issue at the moment, and it’s not going to work…proposing to raid one-third of that in order to essentially help the Democrats. In the meantime, this is a political decision and it’s harming U.S. national security and it misses the elephant in the room. Why not produce more oil instead of using the existing oil and draining us down to nothing.”

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