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Clouds on the solar horizon: Scams, fraud are rampant

By |2014-03-31T15:28:44-04:00March 31st, 2014|Media, Op-Ed Articles|

Marita Noon reports on some of the vagaries faced by buyers of rooftop solar panels. Florida purchasers were stuck with bills of up to $40,000 for systems that may be unusable or unsafe installed by now-bankrupt companies who will not honor warranties. Elsewhere, firefighters have discussed the risks (electrocution is just one) from fighting fires in buildings with rooftop solar installations. Other solar companies mislead customers or even take their money and disappear.

Watchdogging Obama’s regulatory state

By |2014-02-11T02:48:03-05:00February 11th, 2014|CFACT Insights|

In Obamaland (Illinois), children are punished for entrepreneurship and told to cease and desist. Down in Austin, Texas, however, a 9-year-old has created a thriving business with the blessing of even the local politically correct. Of course, maybe BeeSweet would have been shut down had it not grown so quickly into a significant business!

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CFACT provides expert testimony at EPA coal hearings from coast to coast

By |2013-11-09T17:06:07-05:00November 9th, 2013|CFACT Insights|

EPA has been holding public hearings on coal energy around the country. CFACT's Duggan Flanakin, Bonner Cohen, and Paul Driessen took the microphone in Dallas, Washington, D.C., and ensure some hard facts make into EPA's record. CFACT Collegians brought the fight to sessions in Atlanta and Seattle. EPA's new rules which, which effectively shut down every coal-fired power plant in the country at a cost of hundreds of thousands of jobs and forcing electricity rates to skyrocket -- are a very bad investment and should be thrown down the toilet.

20 great CFACT moments of 2012

By |2013-01-12T12:32:35-05:00December 31st, 2012|News|

In 2012, it seemed CFACT went everywhere, worked flat out and hardly took a breather. Our research was thorough, our spokesmen drove the radicals to distraction, our Collegians kept expanding and it seemed like Climate Depot's Marc Morano lived on television. We aired our 5,000th Just the Facts radio broadcast. We educated, we innovated we reported, we adopted villages, we gathered scientists and scholars and we took the battle to distant shores. When we found closed minds we innovated and even entertained. We put masks on UN delegates to "capture" their CO2. Last year we dropped a British Lord from a plane. This year he flew from a camel. After all, we're CFACT! We'll do anything to share our message of better lives for people and a sparkling clean environment - through freedom. Here are some of our favorite CFACT moments from 2012.

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