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Energy reality roaring back

By |2022-09-15T10:15:26-04:00September 15th, 2022|Energy|

With electric grids flickering and going dark, and people returning to chopping trees to heat their homes, the foolishness of "net zero" radical climate policies is being exposed faster than even we at CFACT thought possible. 

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Clouds on the solar horizon: Scams, fraud are rampant

By |2014-03-31T15:28:44-04:00March 31st, 2014|Media, Op-Ed Articles|

Marita Noon reports on some of the vagaries faced by buyers of rooftop solar panels. Florida purchasers were stuck with bills of up to $40,000 for systems that may be unusable or unsafe installed by now-bankrupt companies who will not honor warranties. Elsewhere, firefighters have discussed the risks (electrocution is just one) from fighting fires in buildings with rooftop solar installations. Other solar companies mislead customers or even take their money and disappear.