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Spread the truth on Hurricane Sandy

By |2012-11-02T19:29:15-04:00November 2nd, 2012|

Help CFACT spread the truth in time: Hurricane Sandy was not caused by man-made global warming   CFACT plans to fight back. Will you join us? Will you help us activate truth squads on campuses in Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida? Help us fight the leftist lies and disrupt their strategy on critical campuses right now. With our property and freedom at risk, CFACT will not stay silent. Will you? HTTPS Secure Donation Frame:

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Gas shortage: toilet paper 2.0

By |2021-05-18T13:33:30-04:00May 12th, 2021|Energy|

Why rob banks?  "That's where the money is." Why attack energy?  That's what drives the economy. Gas line during Hurricane Sandy I had to visit three gas stations today to find enough fuel to run an errand for my child and then get to a meeting. The East Coast is experiencing the kind of gas shortages today we usually only see during major hurricanes.  It also reminds those of us old enough to remember, of the long lines and closed pumps we endured during the Carter-era energy crisis. A Russia-based criminal enterprise named "DarkSide" launched a cyber attack against [...]

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