Former Czech President warns of an assault on Capitalism -- Climate Hustle 2 -- April 21
The survivors of Communism don't want to lose their hard-won freedom....
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2302, 2020

CLINTEL plans a grand climate debate

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"The point is to have a genuine debate. It will result in a summary, giving an overview of the issues the scientists agree and don’t agree on. This list will be the source of a new global climate research program that is supported by all parties."

2202, 2020

Al Gore revisited

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In the 14 years since Gore launched his massively flawed book and movie, he has escaped the scrutiny that should have exposed the errors upon errors that he foisted upon us.

2002, 2020

Mike Bloomberg buying state AGs, too

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Michael Bloomberg is not just spending unprecedented sums of money to buy the presidency of the United States for himself. He’s been buying state attorneys general to advance his radical climate agenda.

1902, 2020

Population Bombed!

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We've got a great new book available at the CFACT Store called Population Bombed! that explodes population myths from Malthus to today.

1702, 2020

Alternative energy can’t replace hydrocarbons

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For the cost of drilling a single shale well which may average 10 barrels of oil per hour or its equivalent in natural gas over decades, one can build two 500-foot-high, 2-megawatt (MW) wind turbines which will produce a combined output averaging the energy equivalent of 0.7 barrels of oil per hour.