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EPA pesticide bans threaten you and the economy

In every way possible the Greens continue to attack the nation’s and the world’s food supply. The result will harm people with no meaningful benefit to the environment. The EPA’s pesticide bans are not about protecting health or the environment, but about advancing Green ideology. Their insidious effect will be to increase sickness from an ancient enemy of mankind -- insect and rodent pests.

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Obama continues his attack on U.S. energy

Alan Caruba outlines the many ways the Obama Administration (which includes the EPA) is stifling U.S. energy development and thereby costing Americans jobs, energy security, and of course tax revenues -- all the while raising the price of energy and therefore just about everything else we purchase. The situation, he notes, is exacerbated by a compliant, virtually useless media and by public educators all too willing to parrot the "official line."

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Science, free speech, and the courts

Michael Mann is suing The National Review, commentator Mark Steyn, and others, claiming their truthful reporting on his shenanigans in creating the false image of a hockey stick to purportedly show massive human influence on climate. According to Charles C. W. Cooke, writing in the current issue of National Review, Mann is assertying "a narrow form of libel that American law prohibits." Hopefully, the Court will agree.

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The Supreme Court helps the EPA shut off electricity in America

The U.S. Supreme Court has been compliant with the EPA's and Obama Administration's goal of shuttering all coal-fired power plants in the U.S., most recently with the decision okaying the agency's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. Such decisions, along with other Obama Administration ploys, will surely leave the U.S. with power shortages in the near future -- by design. Yet Alan Caruba holds out hope - because of the strength of the private sector to overcome government mismanagement and even oppression.

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Obama’s war on U.S. energy

Alan Caruba argues that President Obama is waging a real war against conventional U.S. energy sources -- coal, oil. and natural gas -- but in ways that benefit his friends and punish his enemies. His solar initiatives have mostly been money laundering operations (at least, effectively) like Solyndra; his continued stalling on the Keystone XL pipeline benefits billionaire Warren Buffett; and his administration has issued the fewest number of onshore oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands since the government began maintaining leasing and drilling permit records.

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The methane hoax cranks up!

What with the failure of the war on carbon dioxide to take hold, anti-energy zealots had to find another enemy -- and this time, the enemy is methane from cow farts. The U.S. dairy industry is about to be besieged as viciously as the coal and oil and gas industries have been smeared and demonized even since the U.S. Senate rejected the Kyoto protocols. This war will get ugly before most Americans even realize it is happening, or that their prosperity is the chief target.

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