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Solar and wind subsidies: a massive failure!

Try as he might, President Obama is not going to turn the sow's ear of renewable energy into a silk purse that provides adequate electric power for U.S. homes and businesses -- and government agencies -- at an affordable price. That's the message conveyed by CFACT contributor Alan Caruba in a copyrighted article reprinted with permission by CFACT.

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U.S. energy, Ukraine, and Russia

Russia's seizure of the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea only heightens that nation's energy grip over much of Europe -- thanks in large part to European foolishness over so-called renewable energy. The U.S. could step in with natural gas to supply the Europeans, but long ago the nation made it difficult to sell domestically produced crude oil overseas. Coupled with other current energy policy decisions, Europe's dependence on Russia for energy may grow as its freedom to act to protect its neighbors dissipates.

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Global warming pajama party in the Senate is tonight

While twenty or so desperate Senators gather all night, keep in mind that (1) there has been no global warming since 1997, (2) more than 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying humans are not causing global warming, (3) Arctic ice is up 50% since 2012, and (4) every one of the climate computer models predicting warmth has been wrong over and over again.

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Keystone pipeline delays prove Obama opposes U.S. economic growth

Alan Caruba slams President Obama for his failure to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that would bring Canadian oil to U.S. refineries and along with the oil, tens of thousands of jobs and billions in tax revenues -- all the while holding down the real cost of energy. Caruba notes that pundits see Obama's delays as political in nature (to keep the Green vote), but in his view the President is using the environmentalists as pawns in his real mission -- to weaken the U.S. economy and force millions more people onto the government dole.

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Obama’s war on America Killing coal to kill U.S. electrical power

The presumption that carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants are so dangerous that we have to shut them all down to save the planet is ludicrous, says Alan Caruba. Citing CFACT advisor Bonner Cohen's data, Caruba notes that jhuman activity accounts for just 4% of worldwide atmospheric CO2, and the U.S. contribution to that total is dwarfed by emissions from new power plants in China and India. Six unions have joined with CFACT to fight these rules, which threaten 37% of the current U.S. electricity market that relies on coal.

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Obama wants to waste a billion on “climate change”

Alan Caruba points out the cynicism and tomfoolery of President Obama's latest visit to California -- pretending to care about the plight of the drought-stricken state while doing nothing to restore the right of California farmers to use irrigation water denied them of late due to federal policies he supports. Instead, he wants to spend another billion dollars to impose more restrictions on Californians and all Americans --a huge waste of tax dollars (again!).

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The Sierra Club hates energy

The Sierra Club, notes Alan Caruba, has criticized President Obama for "throwing lifelines to old sources of energy like oil and gas" as part of its campaign to ensure that the President does not slip up and approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. They also oppose all fracking to extract natural gas from public lands and laud the shutdown of 153 coal-fired power plants - with many more to come. Sadly, Sierra is lying to its supporters and to itself as it claims that the U.S. can do without all fossil fuel energy and remain a viable nation on the world scene.

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Another environmental lie exposed: Bees are thriving

Alan Caruba exposes Friends of the Earh as willing to lie to the people to solicit money and increase its influence. One significant illustration of this fact is the FOE campaign against pesticides used on crops. FOE claims that these pesticides are responsible for massive bee kills -- but peer reviewed science shows that the bees were being attacked by the tobacco ringspot virus.

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A very cold reality

As much of the nation is mired in bone-chilling weather, President Obama plans to address the nation about global warming -- because if you repeat a lie often enough, many people will believe it to be true. And the President needs for the lie to be perceived as truth, because the truth still matters to lots of the "little" people in America.

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The EPA’s agenda: Undermine capitalism and America

Alan Caruba makes a strong argument for abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency, if for no other reason than that the agency's fundamental philosophy and its regulatory strategy has as ia primary goal the undermining of the American capitalist system itself. The EPA has used shoddy science, along with bogus pronoujncements, to cajole Americans into accepting its overly harsh restrictions and prohibitions and to indoctrinate America's youth against capitalism, even against prosperity.

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Obama’s war on U.S. energy

The U.S. is sitting on an estimated $119.4 TRILLION in oil resources and $8.6 TRILLION in natural gas resources just on federal lands -- but the Obama Administration would rather invest taxpayer dollars to shut down coal plants, find reasons to veto the Keystone Pipeline, burden Americans with higher energy bills from heavily subsidized wind and solar projects, and keep Americans unemployed.

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The very Green Keystone pipeline delay

Alan Caruba argues that President Obama has delayed action on the Keystone II Pipeline because he knows it would create jobs and prosperity for Americans that would leave them less dependent upon government. He also notes that Green fear-mongering about carbon -- the chemical basis of all known life -- is so absurd it defies known science.

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The power-mad EPA

The EPA is a regulatory agency that appears to be consumed by its own lust for increased political power. Take the EPA demand that New York City replace 1,300 fire hydrants because of their lead content. Or their declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant equivalent to sulfur and nitrogen oxides. Or their mercury and air toxics rule, that seeks to purge a portion of the 0.5% of atmospheric mercury and in the process shut down nearly half of the nation's electric power generation.

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