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The UN global warming hoax is slowly dying!

Alan Caruba boosts CFACT and the Heartland Institute for helping bring about the death of the Kyoto Protocol -- with a toast to newly elected Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the people and government of Poland. Major media outlets such as Business Week and the New York Times, however, get short shrift as enablers of the warmist lies and misrepresentations.

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My advice to Californians: Get out now!

California does not need any energy but wind and solar! that is the mantra of the people running the Golden State -- and running hundreds of thousands of sane people out of the state every year. The cost of doing business in California today -- thanks to the extreme anti-fossil fuel attitude -- is 30% higher than in neighboring states -- and rising!

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The environmental enemies of energy

If major environmental groups had their way, the U.S. will soon be without half or more of its current electric power generation capacity, the cost of what power was left would rise dramatically, and the poor would be the first to suffer the devastation of extreme poverty. What is astounding is that the very people who will suffer the most are among these groups' strongest supporters (at least via the ballot box).

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EPA’s undeclared war on the American people

It is not just coal whose use is targeted by the EPA; fracking technology has unleashed a boom in natural gas, but the Obama Administration has nominated an enemy of natural gas to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Ron Binz regards it as a “dead end” because he too is a believer in carbon capture and storage. His answer to a non-existent global warming is “renewable” energy sources such as solar and wind. Solar currently provides 0.01% of the electricity fed to the grid and wind provides just 2%. FERC oversees much of the gas business and could effectively deter the growth of this industry with all of its attendant benefits from jobs to the reduction in the cost of electricity.

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No fix for the ethanol caper!

Only an environmentalist would think it was a good idea to burn food as fuel instead of permitting corn to be used as part of the nation’s food chain and for export. As a former Republican member of the House of Representatives, Bob Beauprez of Colorado, noted in a Washington Times commentary, “The ethanol mandate has sent corn prices skyrocketing, harmed cattle and poultry producers, forced refiners to waste money on ethanol credits, and hiked food prices worldwide.”

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Reid, Obama Yucca-ing up U.S. nuclear waste disposal

“The President may not decline to follow a statutory mandate or prohibition simply because of policy objections,” said Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, who wrote the majority (2 to 1) opinion. “It is no overstatement to say that our constitutional system of separation of powers would be significantly altered if we were to allow executive and independent agencies to disregard federal law in the manner asserted in this case by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.”

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Global warming is “cool, man”!

Much of the kind of idiotic “scientific research” with which the public has been inundated for decades has been the result of the pursuit of funding that involves “professional advancement,” noted [Patrick J.] Michaels, and which is “particularly dependent upon a certain view” — proving that global warming is real despite all the evidence to the contrary. Claiming that it is causing a rise of violence around the world is idiotic.

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Sea-coasting to bankruptcy

Dr. Nils-Axel Morner, the former chair of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics department at Stockholm University in Sweden, acknowledges that “sea level was indeed rising from, let us say, 1850 to 1930-40. And that rise had a rate in the order of 1 millimeter per year (mm/y).... A recent paper reviewed by CO2 Science finds that sea levels have risen from 2002-2011 at a rate of only 1.7 mm/y over the past 110 years, the equivalent of 6.7 inches per century. This is close to Dr. Morner’s assertion that, at most, there has been a rate of increase that tops out at 1.1 mm/y. The review concluded that there is no evidence of any human influence on sea levels.

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Gas prices should be a lot lower

In the past whenever gas prices began to climb, the whoever was president usually got the blame for it, but there never was anything he could do about it. The price at the pump was and is dependent on global factors. What can, however, be said about Barack Obama is that he has led the most anti-energy administration in the history of the nation.

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Earth Day’s Big Lie

A global propaganda campaign will glorify Earth Day and its message is that you must change your life to accommodate the lies that sustain the environmental movement and permit government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency to strangle the economic life of the nation.

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A tsunami of governmental global warming lies

It’s bad enough when major environmental organizations continue to lie about a “global warming” that does not exist in lieu of a planetary cooling cycle now entering its 17th year, but when those allied with the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are also in charge of producing a government report on it, the public is being lied to in ways that obscure their bias and agenda.

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Climate Tyranny Avoids Scrutiny at COP 18

It is unknown what the official U.S. response will be to the effort to get developed nations to ship bundles of cash to any undeveloped nation experiencing a hurricane, a typhoon, a blizzard, or any other “climate event.” In a cash-strapped nation about to “go over the fiscal cliff” did President Obama instruct U.S. delegates to go along with this absurd demand?

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