CFACT Collegians organize protest against appearance by Al Gore

Hundreds of unhappy protesters  surrounded Mizner Auditorium in Boca Raton, Florida, to confront alarmist ideas espoused by former vice-president Al Gore, who was there to give a speech on global warming.  Mr. Gore's claim that global climate change is the most dire issue of the day was met by boos from the crowd, a large portion of whom were CFACT's Florida branch of Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow.  Furthering the ideals that CFACT  stands for, the crowd carried signs that decried the dangers of cap and trade legislation and denied Mr. Gore's claim that there is a scientific consensus supporting man-made climate [...]

Do Al Gore’s investments grow with the global warming myth?

Former Vice President Al Gore has been one of the most prominent and staunch advocates for global-warming based public policy, but is his motivation purely altruistic?  Perhaps not, according to the New York Times, who reported that Silver Spring Networks, a company that Mr. Gore’s venture capital firm had heavily invested, is due to receive up to $560 million of the $3.4 billion given by the government via smart grid grants.  Mr. Gore and his investment firm are set to compound their investments, due in no small part to the global warming alarmism that Mr. Gore has been espousing. While Mr. [...]