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El Niño, La Niña, and natural gas

This year, when winter hits, it is expected to be colder-than-normal across the Northwest, Upper Midwest, and Northeast. These conditions create higher cooling and heating demand for natural gas. And that, coinciding with reduced supply, will give a boost to U.S. natural gas prices—rebalancing the market and bringing price recovery.

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May free speech reign and scientific inquiry prevail

It never ceases to amaze! Leftist attorneys general - all likely members of the American Civil Liberties Union - have conspired to deprive climate skeptics of their freedom of speech -- and freedom to challenge the unproven (and often disproven) claims of "climate change" (formerly known as "global warming") activists (who openly admit that gaining total control over the world economy, NOT fixing the climate, is their true goal). The obvious reason? People are wise enough to believe the skeptics that their climate overlords are liars, and the truth cannot get in the way of their unprecedented power grab.

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Brexit’s energy lesson for California, et al.

Unelected radical environmental groups have been dictating California energy and environmental policy for over a decade, and now the state has shuttered its final nuclear power plant -- which alone produces twice the state's total amount of solar energy capacity. Barring a major reversal of policy, Californians should expect blackouts in years to come. That is, unless some bureaucratic overstep ignites a fire in the hearts of Californians.

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Finally, courage to counterpunch the green bullies

Resolute Forest Products, after initially going along with Greenpeace and its green allies who sought to put most of Canada's boreal forests off limits to logging, has begun to fight back, given that Greenpeace continued its campaign to bankrupt the company even after it signed onto the crippling deal. Resolute has filed lawsuits against Greenpeace in both the U.S. and Canada.

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Another climate alarmist’s predictions don’t match real-world data

New Mexico hydrologist Mike Wallace finds that streamflows in the Colorado River have actually been going up in recent years, whereas politically connected Colorado water activist Brad Udall claims that “Unprecedented high temperatures in the basin are causing the flow of the river to decline.” Wallace, using real-world data, states that, “temperatures are hardly trending in any direction and, in any case, those temperatures are not correlating to streamflow.”

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Why waste food to replace something we already have too much of?

As total repeal of the ethanol renewable fuel standard is unlikely, a compromise has been crafted that CFACT advisor Marita Noon says would go a long way toward minimizing the problem from over-zealous government intervention in the vehicular fuel marketplace. It is time to get back to allowing the free market—not Congress, not unelected bureaucrats, not mandates, not artificially spurred growth in a chosen industry—to determine our fuel choices.

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Is the green’s “Daddy Warbucks” helping the planet or himself?

The bloom should be off the rose that is the premise that Tom Steyer is a saint for promoting green energy -- when in reality he is behind a major scheme in which financiers "qualify" homeowners to install solar panels, with the solar credits (taxpayer dollars) accruing not to the individual but to the financiers (Steyer and his cronies). They are going to make billions -- all for a small investment in fear and hope.

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What’s up with prices at the pump and why it could be a good sign

All of us loved paying less than $2 a gallon at the pump. The AAA reports: “Americans paid cheapest quarterly gas prices in 12 years”—which resulted in savings of nearly $10 billion compared to the same period last year. However, oil (and, therefore gasoline) has been creeping upward since the February low—topping $45 a barrel, a high for the year. And that could be a good thing. While low prices at the pump have been a boon to consumers, the plunge in oil prices has been a bust for American producers. Throughout the past 20 months, crude oil prices have dropped [...]

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On climate, we’re manipulated by sleight of hand

People of the world -- you are being hustled into surrendering your prosperity, your personal freedom, and maybe even your life itself to satisfy the cravings of an elitist few for centralized control over virtually every aspect of human life from the cradle to the grave. Fear mongers have become more crazed than the most dedicated jihadists in their zeal to do away with dissenters from their power grab (done in the name of saving the planet from life-giving carbon dioxide). CFACT's new movie, "Climate Hustle," empowers people to resist these gross acts of domination and stand up for freedom and the American dream of a prosperous future. Let May 2 -- when "Climate Hustle" hits theaters in over 200 American cities (and Toronto, Canada) -- be a day of liberation!

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