Greens, Feds team up to link land-use restrictions to climate change

The behemoth that is the federal bureaucracy is wholly unaccountable to the people whom they are now pushing around via massive new regulations -- Obama style -- that take away private property rights without due process or even a hearing. Washington is out of control and must be reined in,

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Einar Du Rietz, R.I.P.

CFACT is sad to learn of the untimely passing of our friend and colleague Einar Du Rietz of Sweden. Einar wrote a long-standing blog for CFACT Europe. He was a member of several CFACT delegations to UN climate conferences. Einar loved individual freedom and it is to that he dedicated his life. What finer cause? Rest in peace, Einar.

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500 police bust Deutsche Bank over €300 million carbon trading scam

Five hundred German police and tax inspectors raided offices and residences connected with Deutsche Bank in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusselforf, Wednesday over allegations of conspiracy involving over €300 million in carbon trading tax fraud. While a few profiteers will amass carbon trading fortunes, these schemes will not impact the climate in any meaningful way. Whether conducted legally or illegally, all carbon trading is a waste and a scam which cries out to be halted.

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Time to laugh away the shale gas scare

Energy prices are high, economies are reeling and people need relief -- Along comes the shale gas revolution at just the right time. 'What's that,' asks the radicals? 'Plentiful, safe, affordable, domestically produced energy? Can't have that. If there are no valid reasons to say no to shale, we'll have to get creative.' The anti-energy propaganda machine is geared up and running at full speed.

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Scientists at Munich conference challenge IPCC

Scientists and policy experts just completed a European climate conference organized to coincide with the UN conference in Doha, Qatar. The warming propaganda industry likes to push the idea that all scientists back their ideology. Nothing could be further from the truth as demonstrated by this and other scientific gatherings.

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BBC abandoned balanced climate reporting after meeting with these 28 campaigners

In 2006 the BBC abandoned impartial reporting on climate after meeting with 28 "best scientific experts" who the BBC refused to identify. The internet revealed the names, who turned out to be mainly the usual climate campaigners with no one in the room to offer the opposing view. Double scandal for the BBC as four BBC officials, including General Director George Entwistle, who attended the 2006 meeting, have just been disciplined or resigned for false accusations against a Thatcher-era Tory leader.

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CFACT cosponsors climate conference in Munich

Good sense on climate on the eve of  COP17, the UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa On Friday and Saturday, November 25th & 26th, as the UN prepared to kick off COP17, the UN Conference on Climate Change, in Durban, South Africa, CFACT, the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) and others co-sponsored a climate conference of our own in beautiful Munich, Germany. EIKE was launched in 2007 in Berlin. CFACT is a proud founding member. Interview with EIKE President Dr. Holger Thuss CFACT: What has been the public mood in Germany about global warming? For years, large parts [...]

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