A Cold Playground

Ask me about a Doom Sayer or Dr Killjoy, and I'll direct you to Greenpeace. First, the problem was that the poles were melting (they are not, in any lasting way) and that the polar beers faced extinction (the population is increasing). Then, the prospect of drilling for gas and oil in the Arctics, possible partly because of technological innovation, and partly by some more accessible areas, became the problem. For the green activists (if I used a more proper word, I guess they would sue me), fidning targets seems to be the overall priority. Greenpeace is trying to kick out [...]

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C’est en Septembre

Al Gore for less than a Euro. Fine with me. It's been a while since someone mentioned that movie. Incidentally, yesterday, I friend told me that when her daughter had to watch it in class, she gave her a list with the ten worst fallacies in the movie. To her surprise, the public school teacher copied it and distributed for the following discussion.

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Honor as Due

"Welcome to the United Nations. It's your world," reads the top banner. Thank you very much, but I'll stick to the part that belongs to me, while - also - doing my modest share in trying to persuade other people to please not make a mess of the rest of the world.

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CFACT Europe Author Updates Bestseller

CFACT Europe's long time friend, writer and intellectual contributor, Dr Edgar L. Gärtner, has up-dated and republished his famous book Öko-Nihilismus (Eco Nihilism). A must read if you read German, and if you are interested in translations and publication outside the German speaking sphere, get in touch. These are the bibliographical details: Edgar L. Gärtner: Öko-Nihilismus 2012. Selbstmord in Grün. TvR  Medienverlag  (www.tvrmedienverlag.de), Jena 2012. 316  Seiten. € 19,90. ISBN  978-3-94031-31-8. Naturally, you may also visit Edgars's web site, to order the book or find other intersting things. Congratulations Edgar! 

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More Than Rio

by Einar Du Rietz The Rio circus has barely started and already, reports are streaming in on plans for international taxation schemes, close to police power for the UNEP…believe me, the list will be longer. For regular reports from our team in Rio, check out www.cfact.org . Meanwhile, in Europe, the environment ministers don’t want to appear less bold. Reports Euractiv: “The EU’s 27 environment ministers have set out the key elements of the bloc’s environment policy for decades to come, calling for “an ambitious and compelling 2050 vision for a green Europe” that decouples economic growth from environmental degradation.” Lot’s [...]

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Whaling – Not That Easy

by Einar Du Rietz The old issue of whaling seems to be an ever controversial issue, in the EU, as well as internationally. Chris Butler-Stroud,CEO of Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) writes on the subject and is particularly concerned that Denmark still holds on to the Greenland exception. The ban on whaling dates decades back. Furthermore, commercial whaling, industrial way, is generally acknowledged to be unacceptable. This might be a sound position, given unclear property rights in what is often no mans water. The three exceptions to the international ban are represented by Japan, Norway and Denmark, an EU country, incidentally [...]

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Just Another Day

by Einar Du Rietz Time for the World Environment Day again. Last time I counted, there were 426 Days per year, i.e, those sanctioned by the UN, EU or other international bodies. I know that the year, according to our calender, has 365 (366) days, but you can always combine. My figure (possibly higher by now) of course does not include national or religious holidays, not to mention private ones, such as anniversairies, or those dates we more silently keep in our memories. The problem with the UN gimmick days is that they too often cost a lot (check out the UNEP [...]

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The News That Never Were For Real

 by Einar Du Rietz ...but very well could have been, as so many people - including yours truly - believed in, was the appointment of the dictator Mugabe as UN boss for "tourism". The apparent truth, as we all know now was that UN Tourism had urged world leaders to promote tourism in their countries. Nothing wrong with tourism. As a matter of fact, it can be the best contribution to both liberty and prosperity. Really, little wrong with the UN either. The UN idea that is. The combination, however, tends to be dangerous. However, as my esteemed colleague Silberstein pointed [...]

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Eurovision – Government Hooliganism

by Einar Du Rietz The peculiar, but by now a sort of fancy kitsch, the Eurovisioncontest, is on again. This time in Baku, the not so democratic Republic of Azerbaijan. (Use the link to check out some of the songs. Montenegro has some, well interesting, lyrics.) This has raised some concern over the possible PR, the, no doubt nasty regime, might get. As the same discussion is going on concerning soccer, let me say that I’m generally reluctant to boycotts, and specifically those carried out by government. Boycotting private companies, as was the case with the hysteria over French [...]

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What A Surprise To See You Here

The party season has started. In about a month, Rio will be crowded by politicians and hooligans for the mega environmental gathering, but allready next week, good old Hotel Maritim in Bonn will fill up with the usual bunch for yet another climate conference. Nothing wrong with Bonn, or Maritim for that matter, but don't people get bored? From the UNFCCC invitation: "The 36th sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) and of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA), the fifteenth session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action...". That's just for starters, but [...]

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No Paper Moon

by Einar Du Rietz It's here again, the Super Moon, or more correctly the same old moon, but a bit closer to Earth than usual. Got a glimpse yesterday, and admit it's impressive when the skies are clear enough. As with all weather phenomena, it's easy to find speculations. This year, however, I've only found articles in which the authors find it necessary to point out that earth quakes are not caused by the moon (or by the otherwise most powerful force around; the Sun, or - for that matter - by CO2). No references to Global Warming. That's comforting. It's otherwise rather [...]

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Sound Environmentalism – Not Green Hooliganism

by Einar Du Rietz Many years ago, when I was working for an environmental information department at a large company, I was intrigued to discover that a colleague, putting together a data base with information sources, had created a sub category called “Anti Environmental Groups”. At a closer look, this turned out to be a listing of think tanks with a scientific, free market oriented approach to environmental issues (no doubt CFACT would have been on the list, had she found us). She claimed she couldn’t come up with any alternative name. Should be added that she was a very skilled and reasonable [...]

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Happy Earth Day Humans

by Einar Du Rietz Only weeks after the peculiar, entirely symbolical and possibly dangerous Earth Hour gimmick, it’s now the 42’nd Earth Day. Hard to be against the Earth, but I’ve never understood the tendency to use these events to suggest an ongoing conflict between the earth and humanity.   CFACT International President David Rothbard comments: “Celebrate them all, we should. But as faithful followers of CFACT know, today’s environmentalism (at least the kind that gets all the attention) isn’t so much about reveling in the beauty of nature and its amazements as it is in using this lofty matter to hammer away at [...]

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