Must See: IKEK4 Video Footage

Last November's 4th International Climate and Energy Conference (IKEK4) in Munich , Germany, co-hosted by CFACT and CFACT Europe, was without any doubt one of the highlights of the international struggle for more science and less politics in climate research. We could see many new faces among the panelists, speakers and participants from all over the world, as well as we could gather many new insights and friendships. However, due to the very unexpected and sad demise of the head of the film crew, the editing and publication of the conference's video footage became more difficult than it used to be. But finally, the EIKE team managed [...]

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They Don’t Want To Hurt You – They Just Want Your Money

by Einar Du Rietz The heroic boy scouts collected money, went to a village in deepest Africa and helped develop a well. A few month later, excessive use had dried it up and the final result was an extension of the desert. Examples of unintended consequences (and sometimes plain stupidity) in development aid are numerous, some probably myths by now. Distributing loads of pork to Muslim countries. Rushing factory building until the installation collapse on top of people. The literature is also quite extensive. A useful introduction, or summary may be this. Important to remember is that humanitarian catastrophes are [...]

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More Hot Innovations

by Einar Du Rietz Few things make me as happy as innovative solutions to environmental, and thus human, problems. The most recent innovation that caught my eye was the prototype for Ezystove, an an ultra simple stove, now being tried in Namibia. Production will probably take place in Namibia and Kenya, and the idea is that it should be locally manufactured, that it could run on different fuels and that it should be possible to install it using only a screw driver. Might sound like a simple thing, but it will provide inexpensive cooking facilities in areas where electricity is scarce, [...]

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The Earth Hour Worked

  Astoundingly enough, the Earth Hour, closing down all lights for one hour, yesterday, had immediate effect. The very next morning, spring temperatures were gone and replaced by a healthy return of winter. Says Dr April Cool from the University of Zaventem, Belgium, occasional advisor to both CFACT Europe, various international bodies and the Balkan Kingdom of Borduria:  This was really a great success. If we keep this going, and ven extend it, we might experience a new Ice Age in our life time. The latter might be shortened, but as an experiment, it's magnificent. - I'm now planning to [...]

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The Hours

by Einar Du Rietz A bit confused. As every year. Rather used to working and traveling across time zones, but the daylight saving time switch somehow doesn’t really get along with my head. At least no heart attack, though they are reported to be more frequent in connection to the switch. And all the farmers, and their cattle, sigh once again. Sincerely hope too, that niehter I, nor anyone else, will be injured during the upcoming, annual Earth Day, but that might be too much to hope for. The stupidity is on again. I write about it every year, apparently to [...]

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The Hockey Season Is Not Over

by Einar Du Rietz Opinion polls in general, and instant polls on the Internet in specific, ought to be handled with a fair dose of doubt. On top, just the fact that a bunch of people say this or that, does not mean they are right. But I cant resist giving you this account (from there is a translation function on the site, but at the moment it seems to be down). Mr Peter Stilbs draws our attention to an attempt by Don Mickulecky, to restore the father of the Hockey Stick, Michael Manns reputation. Though the poll [...]

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Ladies – Fight Back

by Einar Du Rietz Intended another story, but some issues just make me tired. Like the tiny news piece yesterday in the local paper, informing us that the local community - in a basically monopolized health care market - would no longer provide so called Laughing Gas, to women giving birth. The reason given was that it hurts the environment. I'm rather aware of the potential hazards, also to nurses and doctors, of all sorts of anesthesia. And of precautions taken. But why this word "environment"? Earlier, the talk in the environmental debate was that the worst villain was [...]

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Scary Monsters

Realist or Alarmist? During my years in the climate debate, I've been called all sorts of things. Climate Hater, Weather Denier, to mention a few. Apparently all climate realists are now also "Anti-Science", and according to Robin McKie, writing for the Observer, though this article  was found in our fanzine The Guardian, people are getting scared. "Most scientists, on achieving high office, keep their public remarks to the bland and reassuring. Last week Nina Fedoroff, the president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), broke ranks in a spectacular manner. She confessed that she was now "scared [...]

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A Little Ice Age Anyone?

QED, mild winter is over. Freezing cold and snow falling on Oslo and Strasbourg, as well as - last time I checked - Athens. Weather should not be confused with climate cycles, but observations are necessary to make scientific assessments. As even the IPCC has now admitted that there has not been any global warming for quite a while, it's time to really change focus. No time for alarmism, but to stop the expensive CO2 hysteria. David Rose makes some important observations in The Daily Mail: "Meanwhile, leading climate scientists yesterday told The Mail on Sunday that, after emitting unusually high levels of energy [...]

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Cuddle Up

by Einar Du Rietz To no surprise, the real winter cold enfolded most of Europe. Again. In parts of Europe, people have died. Travelling is out of the question, as trains are stranded and the roads are dangerous. How comforting then to be able to enjoy the heating at home, cook  up a warm soup, or even venture outside in solid armour, buy a paper around the corner and escape into an even cosier corner with a hot drink. That’s because, regardless of the extreme weather, where I am, energy works. In many places it doesn’t. As half of the nuclear [...]

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Sunny News?

by Einar Du Rietz One of the major news of the week has, strangely, been that we are subject to a solar storm. Beautiful to watch the following weather phenomena, but not dangerous, as it's not strong enough to penetrate the atmosphere. Good so, but an enlightening reminder that the planet's best friend - and worst enemy - is the sun. Eventually it will blow, or fade out. Predictions, not to mention possible precautions, are difficult, at least today. Maybe not in 3000 years time. However, in a way insignifant alarms like this, serve as a constant reminder, that [...]

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You Win Again

by Einar Du Rietz The most famous bet in the environmental debate is probably the one between the Late Julian Simon and alarmist Paul Erlich in 1980, over predicted shortage in natural resources. As much as the story still amuses me, it also serves as a constant reminder of the optimism we all deserve more of. In this proud tradition, the no less proud Dr David Whitehouse, found himself in a global warming bet,staged by the BBC. Reports Whitehouse:  "...eventually the BBC’s radio programme “More or Less” got in touch. The programme is about numbers and statistics and they set up a series [...]

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What Good Is Experience If You Learn Nothing

by Einar Du Rietz Denmark, taking over the rotating EU presidency has outlined its priorities for the next half year. Not surprising, really, but still awkward. Reports Euractiv: "Environment Minister Ida Auken called for making energy efficiency legally binding, dismissing concerns that weak economies and the eurozone debt crisis would trump the environment in EU policy debates in the months ahead. 'It’s not enough to be focusing on the financial crisis right now, and then not look at just as important or just as severe a crisis - namely the environmental crisis,'she said at a briefing 12 days before the country's EU [...]

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Happy New Constructive Year

Dear Friends of CFACT Europe, thank you for following us. The attention around both our site and other activities has indeed grown over the past years. The only regret is that there has not been time to answer all comments properly. Let me take the opportunity however, to compliment on the Durban Poem, submitted by one of our friends. At the same time, it’s worth noticing that the hysteria in the climate debate has decreased simultaneusly. Remember December of Copenhagen. What remains now is basically the fancy, regular meetings and the fuzz over quite too much tax money for the delegates to [...]

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