Australia smacks down climate lobby’s scare mongering

While many are celebrating (and others condemning) Australia's vote to repeal its carbon tax, Marita Noon points out that the country's Renewable Energy Target must also be repealed in order to reverse the 70% increase in Australian energy bills that has come from this infatuation with "Green" policies.

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Attacks on carbon dioxide are political air pollution

Larry Bell finds that there is "not even a smidgen of evidence" to support the theory of climate change caused by carbon dioxide as a major threat to humanity. Indeed, an EPA internal report acknowledges that "there is no particular reason to rush into decisions based upon a scientific hypothesis that does not appear to explain most of the available data.”

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Supreme Court to Obama Administration: You cannot rewrite laws to achieve your political agenda

Marita Noon cites the recent Supreme Court decision in Utility Air Regulatory Group (UARG) v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as providing a cause for litigation against the EPA's proposed regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. The key sentences in Justice Antonin Scalia's opinion are these: "When an agency claims to discover in a long-extant statute an unheralded power to regulate 'a significant portion of the American economy' . . . we typically greet its announcement with a measure of skepticism. We expect Congress to speak clearly if it wishes to assign an agency decisions of vast 'economic and political significance'.”

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Science recommends climate model re-start

A brand-new study, reported in "Science" magazine, says the current climate models are “bloated with data,” but still cannot represent such huge variables as clouds and shifts in ocean currents. Statisticians are recommending a re-start. At the same time, other new studies are revealing that the sun has an even bigger role in climate than the current climate models understand. None of this makes any difference to ideologues -- or apparently to the Supreme Court, even though these new findings wholly refute the EPA's reliance on computer modeling to justify onerous regulations on carbon dioxide.

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The PTC extension: More taxpayer dollars for green energy?

Marita Noon provides a laundry list of reasons to ignore calls from fire-breathing wind power shills who want to reinstate the wind power production tax credit -- and thus rip off the U.S. Treasury to build noneconomic wind farms that also cause health and safety problems and still rely on backup generation due to the intermittent nature of wind speed.

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EPA harasses Americans

The EPA, claiming authority under the Debt Collection Improvement Act (DCIA ) of 1996, says it will adopt on August 1 a new rule that “will allow the EPA to garnish non-Federal wages to collect delinquent non-tax debts owed the United States without first obtaining a court order.” Robert Gordon explains how this is both wrong and dangerous.

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Bush agencies got it right on EPA

Larry Bell recalls what Bush Administration officials said would happen if the Clean Air Act were extended to incorporate regulation of carbon dioxide -- and none of it was good. In the words of CEQ chair James Connaughton, the “case-by-case application of old regulations to an entirely new set of circumstances and parties foreshadows unrelenting confusion, conflicts over compliance, and decades-long litigation windfall for attorneys, consultants, and activists, as communities and the courts strive to sort it all out.”

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Overreaching federal government makes strong men weak

Long before Obama, the federal government had been conducting a war against farmers and ranchers in the West. Every new action under the Endangered Species Act, every land grab (aka National Monument designation), every effort to introduce predators into lands used for decades, even centuries, to support human activity, is an assault by rich and powerful bullies who despise the simple lifestyle these hard-working people lead. But who will stop this war against the American West?

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Obama continues his attack on U.S. energy

Alan Caruba outlines the many ways the Obama Administration (which includes the EPA) is stifling U.S. energy development and thereby costing Americans jobs, energy security, and of course tax revenues -- all the while raising the price of energy and therefore just about everything else we purchase. The situation, he notes, is exacerbated by a compliant, virtually useless media and by public educators all too willing to parrot the "official line."

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Climate change: less of a scientific agenda and more of a political agenda

In his new book, The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, Canadian climatologist Tim Ball says his profession has been hijacked by a perverse political agenda whose chief backers have as their goal the de-industrialization of America. Maurice Strong, for example, has said that the only hope for the planet that the industrialized nations collapse, and that his job was to bring about this collapse. And the Club of Rome agreed that, "The real enemy then is humanity itself." No wonder times are hard!

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Study attributes Antarctic glacier melt to volcanoes

What do you know? Turns out the reason that the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting a bit is that there is a volcano under it that is active. So global warming is not to blame -- which makes sense, given that the rest of the ice sheet in Antarctica is growing at a rapid pace. Of course, the warmists want us to ignore the rest of the story salivate on the icebergs breaking off from the Pine Island glacier (thanks to volcanic activity that they want to ignore).

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House panel hopes to air inconvenient truths about EPA’s ‘war on coal’

Rep. Ed Whitfield was set to grill Janet McCabe -- the EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation -- on the factual accuracy of statements in the agency's proposed rule governing carbon dioxide regulations for power plants. If only he also had called to testify a representative from the American Lung Association - which has received 591 EPA grants totaling over $43 million plus over 2,800 foundation grants totaling $76 million to ensure that they will never question the EPA's faulty science.

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Scientist reveals inconvenient truth to alarmists

Swiss geologist Dr. Christian Schluchter has found new evidence indicating that the Alps were pretty much glacier-free about 4,000 years ago, disproving long-accepted theories of climate alarmists that these glaciers only began retreating in the mid-19th Century. He also notes the Alps were nearly glacier-free again just 2,000 years ago, and notes that the current decline preceded the injection of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In response to negative reactions to his findings, Dr. Schluchter suggested that the reputation of science is becoming more and more damaged as politics and money gain influence over scientists.

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Obama: Stealing America one national monument at a time

Against the wishes of local ranchers and off-road vehicle users, President Obama once again violated policy by designating 500,000 acres in New Mexico as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. As Rep. Steve Pearce, who represents the affected area, explained, monuments created under the Antiquities Act are supposed to cover only the "smallest area compatible" with the designation. He addedd, "This single action has erased 6 years of work" by local residents to develop a collaborative plan for the Organ Mountains "that would have preserved the natural resource and still provided futgure economic opportunities." So what else is new? President Obama killing more American jobs.

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