New Congress must rein in runaway EPA

With the President and the unaccountable regulatory agencies joined by the Supreme Court in declaring Congress to be irrelevant in governing America, it is time for Congress to raise itself up from the dead and reestablish itself as the sole creator of new laws. Given that too many in Congress have gone along with this massive Presidential (and regulatory) power grab, this may require sweeping out a lot of dead wood from both chambers.

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Carbon dioxide won’t cause famines

Dennis Avery cites the historical record of miniature ice ages that have created hard times for people, and the warming cycles that have benefited human, animal, and plant life. Indeed, Avery concludes that "misguided opposition to biotechnology, fossil fuels,and increased atmospheric carbon dioxide could very well condemn millions of people to malnutrition and starvation, and numerous wildlife species to extinction."

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Obama climate report finds sky falling

The Obama Administration is used to lying about nearly everything, so why not lie and claim that recent weather events are unprecedented, the sky is falling, and the seas are rising? Surely no mainstream "journalist" will challenge any of these claims! But real scientists do! And people are beginning to believe the truth and to doubt the veracity and even the intentions of the liars.

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Antarctic melting reports omit key facts

CFACT advisor Dr. Larry Bell is amused with the latest spin from the Obama Administration and its henchmen from the politico-scientific community -- this time regarding the latest report on the relatively tiny West Antarctic ice sheet. Bell points to several key facts ignored by reporters and political hacks alike -- notably, the recently discovered 1-mile-deep rift valley and volcanic activity under the West Antarctic ice sheet and the fact that the other 90% of the Antarctic ice sheet is experiencing record high ice levels. Just further evidence that you cannot believe the White House or the mainstream media.

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Science, free speech, and the courts

Michael Mann is suing The National Review, commentator Mark Steyn, and others, claiming their truthful reporting on his shenanigans in creating the false image of a hockey stick to purportedly show massive human influence on climate. According to Charles C. W. Cooke, writing in the current issue of National Review, Mann is assertying "a narrow form of libel that American law prohibits." Hopefully, the Court will agree.

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Obama’s war on U.S. energy

Alan Caruba argues that President Obama is waging a real war against conventional U.S. energy sources -- coal, oil. and natural gas -- but in ways that benefit his friends and punish his enemies. His solar initiatives have mostly been money laundering operations (at least, effectively) like Solyndra; his continued stalling on the Keystone XL pipeline benefits billionaire Warren Buffett; and his administration has issued the fewest number of onshore oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands since the government began maintaining leasing and drilling permit records.

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The methane hoax cranks up!

What with the failure of the war on carbon dioxide to take hold, anti-energy zealots had to find another enemy -- and this time, the enemy is methane from cow farts. The U.S. dairy industry is about to be besieged as viciously as the coal and oil and gas industries have been smeared and demonized even since the U.S. Senate rejected the Kyoto protocols. This war will get ugly before most Americans even realize it is happening, or that their prosperity is the chief target.

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Putin’s gift to America’s energy independence

James Rust, taking a note from Peter Glover's article about Russian energy imperialism, suggests the U.S. should step up its own energy production and liberalize our oil and gas export laws to provide Europe with the means to thwart Russia's bold geopolitical strategy. Of course, the Europeans might do well to reverse their own anti-energy-production policies. The key is to remember that fossil fuels production is a manufacturing process that drives economic growth.

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Solving the PCB problem with cooperation instead of litigation

Ron Arnold details the story of how industry, environmentalists, and regulators are working together to overcome a paradoxical EPA rule that allows PCBs in products but bans the disposal of wastewater containing PCB residues. This story, sadly, is atypical of today's EPA, especially as it applies to energy and water issues.

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Bell: Use fracking to subdue Russia

The best weapon against Putin’s aggression in the Ukraine and elsewhere lies right beneath our noses and feet. Unleashing America’s abundant oil and natural gas resources can not only greatly disempower Russia’s stranglehold threats against Europe and other allies, but can also strengthen our ties with those countries while providing energy independence, economic benefits, and jobs to increase strength at home. Although major expansion of U.S. oil and gas exports to energy-thirsty Europe cannot be achieved overnight, commitments to do so can have immediate leveraging effects around the world. With oil and gas accounting for more than half of Russia’s federal [...]

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Fracking is greener than “green”!

Deroy Murdock dispels myths put forward by hysterical opponents of fracking (and by those with vested interests in other energy sources). Natural gas produced from fracked wells means lower CO2 emissions, much less water used in production than for corn ethanol, a much safer environment for wildlife than, for example, wind turbines, and a much smaller imprint than solar cells.

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Really, Mr. Kerry? So where will you stand on Keystone?

Secretary of State John Kerry actually stated that climate change was the most terrifying "weapon of mass destruction" and that it is all our fault. But a look back at history shows that Senator Kerry voted against the Kyoto Protocol even after his pal, Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, had declared in 1992 that the world was on a "climate course" leading to a tragedy. Strong later fled to China after his role in the oil-for-food scandal was revealed as just another scam involving the Bill Clinton Administration. And the show goes on.

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Obama’s war on America Killing coal to kill U.S. electrical power

The presumption that carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants are so dangerous that we have to shut them all down to save the planet is ludicrous, says Alan Caruba. Citing CFACT advisor Bonner Cohen's data, Caruba notes that jhuman activity accounts for just 4% of worldwide atmospheric CO2, and the U.S. contribution to that total is dwarfed by emissions from new power plants in China and India. Six unions have joined with CFACT to fight these rules, which threaten 37% of the current U.S. electricity market that relies on coal.

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