Morano on Fox News: Obama bypassing Congress on climate

Morano appeared on FNC's "Special Report" on August 16, 2013 to discuss President Obama's global warming plans. "The Obama administration is being strategically brilliant by doing this behind the scenes,” said Morano. “They’re going to achieve everything that cap and trade, and UN treaties and even a carbon tax would achieve through the invisibility of federal regulations.”

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Gas guzzlers lead March auto sales surge

CFACT's Marc Morano, editor of Climate Depot, appeared on Fox News yesterday to discuss why trucks, SUVs, and other "gas guzzlers" are responsible for last month's surge in auto sales.

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Cold kills more than heat & the Hockey Stick that wasn’t

Morano appeared on Canda's Sun TV to discuss why winter cold is killing many times more Britons than heat. He also addresses the stunning admission that a widely publicized study claiming unprecedented warming in the past 100 years was not "statistically robust"--another way of admitting that their conclusions are scientifically baseless.

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Ethical Oil vs. Conflict Oil

CFACT’s Marc Morano was at our Light Brigade counter protest to Sierra Club &’s climate rally on February 17, where the Green protestors were opposing the Keystone XL pipeline. As Morano points out in this video, however, America must get its oil from somewhere--the only question is do we want to get oil from friendly, democratic neighbors like Canada, or from dictatorships and conflict-torn countries?

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