In 2005, CFACT began work on an international, free-market environmental and humanitarian development project to help improve the lives of those in the developing world suffering from the ravages of poverty and environmental degradation. The Adopt-A-Village project maintains this premise: even the world’s poorest can make strides toward prosperity when given the opportunity— especially if treated as partners so their dreams can be turned into realities.

CFACT seeks to accomplish its objective by initiating “social entrepreneurship” – a process which seeks to identify and empower men and women in local communities to devise their own plans for economic growth and environmental protection, and then join with them as partners in service. CFACT meets with businessmen, academics, clergy, politicians and other local leaders to initiate the dynamic and positive changes that need to be undertaken. And by fostering the means to build essential infrastructure to enhance economic opportunities, CFACT believes villagers will soon experience increased productivity, stability and a sense of self-worth.

In 2005, CFACT jump-started this outreach project when it conducted a food-distribution effort in the tiny village the Valle Verde just outside Cancún, Mexico. Today, the Committee is expanding the project to reach other new villages in Africa. The Adopt-A Village project differs from UN efforts at sustainability in that it does not rely on a top-down, bureaucratic approach to solving problems. Rather, by empowering people, who are the world’s greatest environmental resource, and by pursing policies that maximize private property and personal freedom, CFACT believes that productivity, prosperity, and prolificacy are possible not just for people, but for all the earth’s inhabitants.


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