The CFACT SoCal chapter opened in early 2011 to be a positive voice on energy and environment issues in California. With the 12th largest economy in the world, California has a wealth of resources and natural wonders, making a sound understanding of the relationship between people and the environment critical. Started by Warren and Pam Duffy, CFACT SoCal believes the free market is the most effective and efficient path to environmental stewardship.

Warren Duffy, founder and president of CFACT SoCal, has been a resident of California since 1969. Having participated in the very first “Earth Day” (1970), he has observed a 40 plus years of hijacking by global activists and alarmists in the environmental movement. He was active in the CFACT “All Pain-No Gain” campaign to successfully defeat “Cap and Trade” in Washington, D.C. Duffy, a long time respected radio broadcaster, is known for having a knack of getting to the “truth” of the matter.

Pam Duffy, his wife, is co-founder of CFACT SoCal. She has worked alongside her husband concerning environmental issues and the “green”  movement’s daunting influence over government regulations in America’s businesses and homes. Pam is a certified grant writer and works in sales, management and communications.

Together, the Duffy’s lead CFACT SoCal in providing Californians with the latest news and information as it happens in our state and nation.