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A student run environmental group led by National Director Bill Gilles, Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow offers college students an opportunity to acquire knowledge, gain experience and get involved in making a difference on important environmental policy matters both on and off campus.

Through Collegian chapters, students are able to gain internships, meet influential leaders, and even travel around the world to participate in important international meetings. CFACT’s Collegians program is developing the next generation of Americans to advocate market solutions, promote economic growth, counter junk-science, and become good stewards of the environment — all while teaching them invaluable lessons such as leadership through service to others.

From New York to Oregon, CFACT Collegians can be found handing out literature, taking survey’s, cleaning up roadsides and river fronts, sponsoring lectures and debates and hosting speakers such as ABC newsman John Stossel, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, and noted climatologist Dr. Patrick Michaels. Through these activities and more they are asking the tough questions and challenging others on their college campuses to re-think many crucial issues. Find out more about this distinctive nationwide program by visiting the Collegians’ website at CFACTcampus.org.

“I want to thank CFACT for giving me the opportunity to travel to South Africa and be a part of the U.N. World Summit. It was a life-changing experience and hopefully, because of my experiences there, I will be able to change the lives of others. I learned more in 10 days about environmental issues, politics, the U.N., and people than I could in any classroom or textbook. I can’t wait to participate more both with CFACT and environmental policy!” – Kristin Meyer, University of Minnesota

“It’s not too often that you get to be briefed at the State Department in Washington, D.C., and then a few days later march with a group of impoverished farmers from Africa seeking greater economic freedom. Thanks, CFACT, for making this the trip of a lifetime.”- Brent Purviance, University of Wisconsin.


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