The objective of CFACT’s Global Social Responsibility Program is to educate the public that true “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) reflects the ethical pursuit of profits earned by meeting societal needs for jobs, goods, services, energy, food, health, environmental quality, innovation and prosperity.

This program is directed by CFACT’s Senior Policy Advisor, Paul Driessen. It reflects CFACT’s belief that more attention should be paid to standards of ethics and “global social responsibility” for all organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit alike) and for all public policies, to ensure that they do not harm poor families and communities in the single-minded pursuit of solutions to exaggerated or hypothetical environmental or public health concerns.

CFACT’s Global Social Responsibility initiative also features a “Sustainability and CSR Conference Program” that can help businesses and associations demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility by educating company executives about an array of significant environmental topics. The unique presentation format of this conference program relies on a CFACT panel chairman and two or three additional experts to present informative subject matter on relevant issues, and then relates that material directly to the interests and concerns of the host group by including prepared responses from representatives of that association.