Does my monthly giving make an impact?

Monthly Giving FAQ

The “Truth Warriors” monthly giving club is comprised of those donors who give an online contribution each month to support CFACT’s ongoing mission of providing free market solutions to today’s environmental and energy concerns. By giving a generous yet affordable donation each and every month, these donors are truly warriors for the truth. They help ensure CFACT remains on the front lines of the battle against media hype, pseudoscience, and the outright lies and deception of the Green Left.

Giving monthly does a couple important things. First, it lets us know we can count on your gift, month after month, allowing us to strategically plan our activities. Second, it is an affordable way for many to give that doesn’t put a strain on their bank account. Giving at a modest level of $25 a month, for example, is often a much more affordable way to support CFACT’s efforts than trying to come up with a much larger one-time gift of $250.

Aside from the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping us confront the Greens and bring the truth to the American people, we’ll keep you updated with our special Truth Warriors monthly e-bulletin. This is a special e-bulletin that gives you the latest updates on issues that matter, like talking points on key facts including climate change, renewable energy, and property rights, as well as updates on CFACT’s progress in our various programs and special reports from our team members like Marc Morano, Paul Driessen, Bonner Cohen, or others.  You will also get a discount on shipping for any item ordered in the CFACT bookstore.

Yes, your monthly donation, just like any other donation to CFACT, is 100% tax deductible. This is because CFACT is a registered 501(c)3 with IRS. (Applies only to donors in the United States.)

If you do not wish to join our Truth Warriors monthly giving club, you are more than welcome to give in a number of other ways.  These include:

One-Time Gifts:  You can do this by simply visiting the CFACT website ( and clicking on the tab “Donate Now.”

Memorials and Dedications: This is a great way to honor someone’s memory or legacy. For more information on this contact Christina Norman at [email protected].

Planned Giving: You can make a lasting impact, while achieving your own personal financial goals. CFACT accepts all gifts of stock, charitable annuities and remainder trusts, IRAs, donor-advised funds, life insurance and retirement plans, and bequests. Please speak to your financial advisor, and then contact Christina Norman at [email protected], on how to make a planned gift today!

Give Through Work: If your employer offers a donation match program, this is an excellent way to double your gift to CFACT.

Yes, you may cancel your donation at any time by emailing [email protected]… just like you can return to us at any time!

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