EPA harasses Americans

The EPA, claiming authority under the Debt Collection Improvement Act (DCIA ) of 1996, says it will adopt on August 1 a new rule that “will allow the EPA to garnish non-Federal wages to collect delinquent non-tax debts owed the United States without first obtaining a court order.” Robert Gordon explains how this is both wrong and dangerous.

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Overreaching federal government makes strong men weak

Long before Obama, the federal government had been conducting a war against farmers and ranchers in the West. Every new action under the Endangered Species Act, every land grab (aka National Monument designation), every effort to introduce predators into lands used for decades, even centuries, to support human activity, is an assault by rich and powerful bullies who despise the simple lifestyle these hard-working people lead. But who will stop this war against the American West?

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Obama: Stealing America one national monument at a time

Against the wishes of local ranchers and off-road vehicle users, President Obama once again violated policy by designating 500,000 acres in New Mexico as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. As Rep. Steve Pearce, who represents the affected area, explained, monuments created under the Antiquities Act are supposed to cover only the "smallest area compatible" with the designation. He addedd, "This single action has erased 6 years of work" by local residents to develop a collaborative plan for the Organ Mountains "that would have preserved the natural resource and still provided futgure economic opportunities." So what else is new? President Obama killing more American jobs.

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A world turning against biofuels

Dennis Avery crows that even the environmental movement is seeking his support for ending ethanol mandates. And why not? Scientists have shown that the incentives for corn ethanol have resulted in conversion of 24 million acres of grassland, wetland, and shrubland to corn from 2008 to 2011 alone. Moreover, these policies have raised costs for dairy, livestock, and poultry farmers and thus for consumers nationwide.

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Carbon dioxide won’t cause famines

Dennis Avery cites the historical record of miniature ice ages that have created hard times for people, and the warming cycles that have benefited human, animal, and plant life. Indeed, Avery concludes that "misguided opposition to biotechnology, fossil fuels,and increased atmospheric carbon dioxide could very well condemn millions of people to malnutrition and starvation, and numerous wildlife species to extinction."

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Environmental shakedown through bastardized application of science, policy, and education

Marita Noon explains how the Center for Biological Diversity, a group founded by fired federal employees, has misused the Endangered Species Act to stop development and pocket millions of dollars - and the compliant federal government is not even keeping track of tyhe money it has doled out in legal fees who file friendly lawsuits that are quickly settled to the detriment of citizens.

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Was stopping Nevada’s fracking rush behind the Bundy Showdown?

There are a lot of theories as to the real reason the Bureau of Land Management has chosen this time to try to seize Cliven Bundy's cattle and shut down his ranch. The most easily disproven theory is that the cattle are threatening the desert tortoise. Others suggest that Senator Harry Reid, whose lieutenant now runs the BLM, has a secret deal with the Chinese to build a huge solar array on the property. Marita Noon believes she has uncovered a third possibility -- that the BLM wants to control the mineral rights to oil and natural gas in the area.

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The methane hoax cranks up!

What with the failure of the war on carbon dioxide to take hold, anti-energy zealots had to find another enemy -- and this time, the enemy is methane from cow farts. The U.S. dairy industry is about to be besieged as viciously as the coal and oil and gas industries have been smeared and demonized even since the U.S. Senate rejected the Kyoto protocols. This war will get ugly before most Americans even realize it is happening, or that their prosperity is the chief target.

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Perils of commercial beekeeping

It is time for U.S. and Canadian regulators to "bee" smart -- and ignore calls for copying the EU and banning neonicotinoids. While it is true that harvesting the nation's almond crop puts stress on bee colonies and exposes them to parasites and diseases,

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New Virginia law protects farmers from meddling local officials

Thanks to a grassroots outcry against injustice, Virginia lawmakers passed a new law, signed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, that protects family farmers from encroachment by local governments. Martha Boneta had been barred by her county government from selling produce, fined for hosting a birthday party, and threatened with the loss of her entire farm. Environmental groups and county governments provided the major opposition to the bill.

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Job creators sue the federal government over “sue and settle”

For years environmentalists have usurped individual private property rights and thwarted economic development. Now, thanks to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, it appears that the job creators may have finally learned something from the extreme tactics of groups, like the Wild Earth Guardians and the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), which have been using the courts to their advantage by filing lawsuits against the federal government.

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Flight of the honeybees’ commercial keepers

Almond lovers must also be bee lovers, and it takes 1.5 million beehives to ensure the annual California almond crop -- 80% of the world's total. But risk, mites, and disease plague hives -- and the convergence of so many bees creates a hotbed of viruses and pathogens. This -- and not neonicotinoid pesticides -- is the most likely threat to bee populations in the U.S. Part 2 will explain this in more detail.

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Landowner fights Virginia county over right to host overnight hunting guest

Isle of Wight County (Virginia) officials decided to play rough with a local farmer whose "crime" was kindness to a disabled friend who wanted to go hunting. County goons swarmed in and declared the presence of his friend's RV made his farm an unauthorized "campground.' Landowner Joseph Ferguson then called the Rutherford Institute for help. The case is pending.

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Another environmental lie exposed: Bees are thriving

Alan Caruba exposes Friends of the Earh as willing to lie to the people to solicit money and increase its influence. One significant illustration of this fact is the FOE campaign against pesticides used on crops. FOE claims that these pesticides are responsible for massive bee kills -- but peer reviewed science shows that the bees were being attacked by the tobacco ringspot virus.

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