DC Swamp denizens strike back

Thanks to the efforts of Big Corn and other lobbyists, the American people will continue to be required to dilute their gasoline and diesel fuel (and their miles per gallon) with ethanol and biodiesel -- in increasing amounts. CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen recounts how the renewables mandates are harmful to the economy, the environment, and many of the vehicles that do not run well with these additives. One day, the people will win this war against harmful mandates -- just not this day.

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Fallacious claims prop up ethanol

Greens carp about fracking, partly because it uses some water (up to 6.0 gal/MMBtu of energy produced). Yet they champion ethanol, which uses up to 29,000 gal/MMBtu, and biodiesel (up to 74,000 gal/MMBtu). Is this mere Green hypocrisy, or Greenback Greed? It is well past time to end the mandates and the subsidies for ethanol and biodiesel.

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