CFACT’s saturation bombing of COP 24

CFACT's intense coverage of the COP 24 UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland was by far the most extensive of any I have seen and I have seen a lot. (Disclosure: this includes my articles, but there were may others as well.) The sidebar on the French protests against alarmist carbon taxes was especially timely.

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Deep-sixing another useful climate myth

The "97% consensus" on global warming by climate scientists is a fabrication, a useful myth now being used by lawyers to silence the much larger percentage of scientists and commentators who disagree with the so-called consensus. But CFACT's upcoming film "Climate Hustle" will shatter this so-called consensus, and it is in theaters on May 2.

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The power-mad EPA

The EPA is a regulatory agency that appears to be consumed by its own lust for increased political power. Take the EPA demand that New York City replace 1,300 fire hydrants because of their lead content. Or their declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant equivalent to sulfur and nitrogen oxides. Or their mercury and air toxics rule, that seeks to purge a portion of the 0.5% of atmospheric mercury and in the process shut down nearly half of the nation's electric power generation.

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UN climate conference collapsing

The UN's duplicitous attempt to use fear of climate change as a springboard to amassing unprecedented new power has by now been fully exposed, and the UN did it to themselves, in part by choosing Warsaw, Poland, as the site of the COP 19 shenanigans. CFACT President David Rothbard was loudly cheered by Poles as he exposed the real intentions of the UN, and the fallout continues.

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