America through the eyes and lives of today’s children

Can you still reach back into your mind and heart to remember what it was like being a child? Maybe there were some of those times you would prefer to forget–periods and events when rose-colored glasses won’t quite work their full magic — but overall, weren’t you lucky as hell? Whether immigrant or home-grown, doesn’t living in America warrant some special gratitude? And didn’t those American experiences — those privileges — have a lot to do in a good way with whom you became? I can’t help but wonder and worry how today’s American culture–an environment impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns, virtual social isolation, national disrespect, and [...]

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UN indoctrination at WUF9

No one's solutions at the UN conference in Kuala Lumpur appear to include free markets, individual liberty or natinal sovereignty. These are the wellsprings of the kind of prosperity that is truly sustainable. The UN has it backwards.

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