Climategate Plus Ten

The Climategate emails reveal just how much damage was done when scientists abandoned the scientific method and the ethics that come with it in favor of political advocacy. 

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Sacred peer-review takes a big hit

When only a third of peer-reviewed studies reach the same results when they are replicated by outside authors, this is a serious problem.

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Who Released The Climategate Emails And Why

Unless you happen to get all your news from the mainstream media, you will undoubtedly recognize that by “Climategate”, I’m referring here to the thousands of leaked email communications between prominent international researchers within the U.K.’s University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) network.

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Climategate 3.0 “Mr. FOIA’s” full message

Read Mr. FOIA's message. Climategate 3.0 is set to rock the global warming establishment. 220,000 encrypted emails which document what goes on behind the scenes at team global warming are suddenly decrypted and free for the public to view. What they reveal is not pretty. How unsettling. Who is this masked FOIA and how can we thank him?

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Lord Monckton Responds to Prof. Abraham

Many readers of this site have been following the controversy caused when Prof. John Abraham of the University of St. Thomas posted a lengthy video critique of a speech delivered by CFACT Advisor, Lord Christopher Monckton last October in St. Paul Minnesota. Here is Lord Monckton's freshly issued, detailed written response to Prof. Abraham in PDF form. When we watched Prof. Abraham's video we were mainly struck by Prof. Abraham's making much of Lord Monckton not always labeling his graphs with their source.  This was not a valid critique.  Lord Monckton was doing a power point presentation in which time or [...]

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Der Spiegel: A superstorm for global warming research

"An entire branch of science is in crisis." Der Spiegel has posted an in-depth article on the UN IPCC's fall from grace as people around the world examine the exaggerations, mistakes and manipulations of climate science. Can the global warming propaganda machine go back to saying whatever it wants and suppressing all dissent?  If the folks at Der Spiegel are willing to open their minds, who is next?  We suppose the BBC is too much to hope for......

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Taxpayer Robbery Gate

Aside from ideologues, hydrocarbon haters, Gaia worshipers, profiteers and power-grabbing politicians, most of the sentient world is beginning to realize that the hysteria over global warming disasters is based on dubious to fraudulent temperature data, analyses, models, reports and peer reviews. Climate Research Unit emails, HARRY_READ_ME.txt computer memos, and blatant tampering with Australian, Russian, UK and US temperature data make the scandal impossible to ignore or explain away. They also helped ensure that Copenhagen descended into an expensive, carbon-emitting gabfest – and that China and India rejected any deal that would force them to curtail their energy generation, economic growth and [...]

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