CO2 measurements

  • If it Aint Broken – Don’t Fix it

    by Einar Du Rietz

    A screwdriver often comes in handy. But not as a soup ingredient. Black pepper is essential in any cooking. But don’t try repairing your bike with it.

    Calculation of GDP is, not only among laymen like myself, but also among skilled economists, regarded as a tricky tool indeed. Still, it’ very useful, also for the general public, in trying to grasp all sorts of economic facts and development.

    Since the mid 90’s, scientists, but predominantly politicians, have been playing with the concept of a Green GDP, expanding the data to include environmental costs. This process is now gaining speed, e.g., in the World Bank.

    This is a questionable path. Even as, naturally, growth and hardship can be linked to environmental factors, it’s not the same thing as to say that environmental factors should be regarded as exclusive data in their own right. Further, changing the calculation methods is difficult for several reasons. You need an international consensus, otherwise comparisons will be meaningless. GDP figures are used to calculate changes over time. If you mess with it, you will have to – somehow – compensate against historical figures.

  • Shaken Consensus

    by Einar Du Rietz

    Interesting to notice how the big-whigs get nervous, as soon as someone else on the top dares to question the holy Global Warming religion.

    Recent weeks have seen uproar in the European Parliament as British, conservative members openly have defied the “green” promises from London. Recently, Commissioner Janusz Lewandowsky caused even more havoc, when questioning the entire ideology and scientific basis behind the scare. Euractiv reports and provides links, with the rather unexpected help from Greenpeace, who provided a translation.

  • OK, It’s Just a Test

    by Einar Du Rietz

    Next Target for Dr Killjoy

    Sometimes I feel that most forms of climate hysteria are, if not religious, at least more a matter of some personal gratification found in strange life styles.

    This morning I read another interview in with a girl who ventured to move in together with her family in a form of carbon neutral or “climate smart” house and adjust her life for a lengthy period to cut carbon dioxide emissions (or “foot prints”, as it’s sometimes called), and be environmentally friendly in general. I presume there are a lot of strange experiments like this going on around the world, but even trying to apply a friendly, alarmist perspective, I often find it hard to grasp the logic, or the real intentions.

    She complains that the toughest sacrifice has been not being able to fly. Well at least that excludes all the people who have to fly for personal or professional reasons. But more importantly, what’s the point in not taking that trip to London? The flight will leave anyhow, with or without you. Or is it a matter of boycotting all airline companies out of business? Guess it must be. Also know that would have devastating effects on both economy and safety.

  • Ernst Georg Beck died this week after a long battle with IPCC

    My friend Ernst Georg Beck died this week after a long battle with cancer. Ernst Beck was a biology teacher at the Merian technical grammar school in Freiburg and co-founder of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) in Jena. He was a teacher of the old school, whom nobody could lead up the garden path. If a statement of politicians did not fit into its solid scientific conception of the world, he examined it by intensive study of international technical literature and, if possible, by own experiments. His website is still a treasure trove for everybody, who prepares for examines or finding answers to current scientific questions.

  • Is CO2 Really a Problem?

    By Edgar L. Gärtner, Frankfurt

    After the APEC meeting in Singapore there is nearly nobody left on earth who believes that world leaders will sooner or later find a compromise on massive CO2 reductions. Not everybody regrets this. There are scientists casting serious doubts on the IPCC’s assertion that humankind is facing unprecedented levels of CO2 in the atmoErnst Georg Becksphere. The IPCC’s warning is based on continuous photoaccoustic CO2 measurements on Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa since 1958. Since then the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has risen one year after another.  Al Gore ‘s famous PowerPoint presentation uses the Mauna Loa curve to demonstrate the need for sharp reductions in human made CO2 emissions throuh emissions trading.