You ain’t seen nothin yet

If you thought that the Copenhagen jamboree moderated the ambient hysteria, the following items may reassure you that worse is yet to come. JACOB ARFWEDSON (Paris) According to researchers at King’s College (London) future natural disasters are bound to increase strongly stress levels and anxiety among our fellow citizens. The authors did demand that these concerns be addressed by delegates at the COP-15. This is no scoop and hardly Nobel Prize stuff: being afraid of the future has long been a staples of our kindred. The question should then be: could government possibly and reliably relieve us of this task? No: [...]

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Fred Singer presents the NIPCC Report

Prof. Fred Singer presents the Report "Nature, not Human Activity, Rules the Climate" by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change'(NIPCC) at CFACT's International Climate Eco-Summit (I.C.E.) at the Center for Political Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark. December 11, 2009. The whole talk lasts for 45 minutes

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Merry Christmas my Polar Friends

A Christmas card from Einar Du Rietz, CFACT.EU After the Copenhagen farce, it's finally time for joy and for good news. So let me, as a seasons greeting, send a small reminder about he situation for the cute polar bears. According to, among others, the international WWF the population is currently around 22-25 000 individuals, a stable population after a steady increase since the ban on hunting in 1973. As for the arctics, the polar bears home turf, the ice has so far spread to increased levels this year. Interesting, or sad however, is that though WWF clearly states that the [...]

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Freezing Cold and Meltdown Treaty

by Einar Du Rietz, Copenhagen Obama is on his way, and the COP 15 is nearing climax, or meltdown. The results so far are the same as we predicted. Close to 1 000 activists arrested, some beaten. Some professional hooligans, others bystanders. NGO’s kicked out of Bella Center as too many accreditations had been handed out. (CFACT, meanwhile has been most succesful in different sorts of activism. Please enjoy the documentation on this site.) And the negotiations at a stalemate, currently turned into discussions over two separate treaties. For some reason, this surprises some. So what were you hoping to achieve then? Let [...]

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CFACT drops the banner on Greenpeace ships

(Copenhagen, Denmark, December 16, 2009) Global warming skeptics from CFACT yesterday pulled off an international climate caper using GPS triangulation from Greenpeace's own on-board camera photos to locate and sail up long-side of the infamous Greenpeace vessel, Rainbow Warrior. Then in Greenpeace-like fashion, the CFACT activists unfurled a banner reading "Propaganda Warrior" which underscored how the radical green group’s policies and agenda are based on myths, lies, and exaggerations. Earlier in the day the activists daringly boarded Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise with neither stealth nor force, but by baffling the crew with doughnuts, and unfurled a banner that read “Ship of Lies” [...]

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Tom Harris: Copenhagen Climate Challenge

Leading climate experts challenge the UN to provide sound evidence for their catastrophic forecasts. Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition, presents the Climate Challenge at the Climate Sense Conference in Copenhagen.

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All Pain No Gain Video: Inconvenient Science

As delegates from around the world continue to deliberate in Copenhagen, Denmark about solutions to the alleged crisis of global warming, there is a widespread belief that the science is settled on climate change.  Indeed, Al Gore, one of the world’s leading proponents of drastic international action, firmly asserts there is a “consensus” on climate science. But that claim “goes against the way science operates,” says Dr. David Legates, atmospheric scientist at the University of Delaware. Scientists propose theories about how nature operates – and then test their theories against actual observations, and let other scientists check their data and theories [...]

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From Climategate to ETS-Gate?

Par Edgar L. Gärtner Carbon Fraud is paving the way for a dictatorial world government While EU representatives are praising the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) in Copenhagen as panacea, European law enforcement agency Europol is revealing that carbon credit fraud has caused in the past 18 months more than 5 bn euros damage for European taxpayers. In some countries up to 90 percent of the whole trading volume was caused by fraudulent activities. It is easy and perfectly legal for small dealers who have experience in computer and cell phone trading to buy European Unit Allowances (EUA) in one EU member [...]

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Water seeks its own level: here comes that sinking feeling

What’s the difference between the climate jamboree and the Titanic? At least the latter had an orchestra. Numerous groups are eager to grab the headlines in Copenhagen; the smaller you are, the more original the initiatives. But dressing up as a polar bear is a tiresome business. Better try for direct appeal to bleeding hearts in the north for a rescue operation in the south. Dialectics always work: rich or poor, it’s nice to have money. Tuvalu, Kiribati, the Maldives and the Cook Islands will all disappear soon, say shortly after Christmas according to delegates. (Hence probably today’s pledge by the [...]

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