COP 15

  • The Battle against “Cap & Trade“ has still not been won. But there are new Allies

    While in the US Senate the disclosed confidential e-mails and documents on the web, regardless of how it occurred, is expected to pull the plug on “cap and trade” legislation, EU governments continue to walk straight ahead, although the expression “Climategate” is meanwhile even known on Wikipedia . The new German environment minister Norbert Röttgen […]

  • Cleaning out the climate science cesspool

    As frigid Copenhagen prepares for the upcoming Climate Armageddon confab, a predictable barrage of hothouse horrors has been unleashed, to advance proposals to slash hydrocarbon use and carbon dioxide emissions, restrict agriculture and economic growth, and implement global governance and taxation. CO2 has reached a new high (0.0385% of the atmosphere), we’re told, because of […]

  • Climategate: Making the CO2 Bubble Burst

    by Edgar L. Gärtner “Climategate” is perhaps not the end of the global warming myth. But it is quite possible that British star blogger James Delingpole was not premature but right when he started his first blog after the appearance of 1079 rather confidential e-mails and 72 documents from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research […]

  • Reversing the burden of spoof

    by Jacob Arfwedson

    One of the less endearing features of government supporters is their general disdain for democracy when eventually popular vote goes against their designs. The legitimacy of consent suddenly becomes irrelevant and a downright nuisance. In Europe, we experienced this in the constitutional negotiations: first with the Maastricht Treaty, and more recently with the Lisbon Treaty: referenda were held twice in Denmark (1992) and not so long ago in Ireland. Voters finally got it “right”.


    The same logic applies to Kyoto and in particular to the upcoming Copenhagen summit and the expected new treaty, i.e. a “deal”. It is then not surprising that advocates seem appalled that the US Constitution requires a vote by Congress to ratify it.

  • It’s Real Money – Your Money

    By Einar Du Rietz

    Maybe because most other topics seem to be covered and debated intensely in the media, finally some focus now start penny_1_bg_031303to fall upon the costs. The estimated and real costs for what the politicians will discuss in Copenhagen. And if media does this, chances are the general public will start to realize that they will have to pay.

    Much too often, the general perception in the climate debate seems to be that politicians ought to do more and that someone else will pick up the bill. Contributing to this perception is the, quite natural, difficulty in grasping the magnitude of large sums. As the common believe among surprisingly many Americans during the health care debate, that higher taxes should not finance this – it ought to be free!

  • Gorbachev, the Apocalypse Trumpeter

    by Edgar L. Gärtner (Frankfurt) Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 2009 ancient soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, now president of the NGO “Green Cross International”, wrote an editorial for The London Times . In this article Gorbachev is, perhaps involuntarily, confirming the hypothesis that the real aim […]