The Buffalo Billion fraud and bribery scheme

CFACT advisor Marita Noon chronicles the boondoggle that is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's "Buffalo Billion" initiative, which was designed to feature a SolarCity manufacturing plant. But SolarCity stock has tanked, and the company, of which Tesla owner Elon Musk is a major investor, is facing bankruptcy. More "clean energy" that only cleans out our pocketbooks.

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The New York wind farm scam

A number of local newspapers serving our area here in Western New York State – which has been targeted by industrial wind developers – have literally cut off all letters to the editor from local citizens regarding the industrial wind issue. These same newspapers continue to publish “Press Releases” on behalf of wind developers, and yet refuse to do any responsible, investigative journalism on the efficacy, effects and economics of wind power. The pro-wind media obviously control the message.

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Regulations: crony capitalism’s tool

Soros was instrumental at the least, integral at the most, in writing Obama’s 2009 Stimulus Bill that put nearly $100 billion into various Green energy companies and projects. Additionally, there is a little-publicized connection between Soros, Green energy advocacy, and the White House.... Lakatos’ thorough research discovered that Soros’ Green tab exceeds $11 billion of stimulus money (dwarfing Citibank’s) –– and we, the taxpayers, footed the bill.

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