Proposal for a most inconvenient movie on climate

CFACT policy analyst Larry Bell rehashes the Enron scandal and the linkage between chief climate alarmist Al Gore, Gore's fellow traveler Tim Wirth, and the late Ken Lay of Enron ... all of whom lost big when the U.S. Senate refused by a 95-0 vote to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Despite the Enron failure, Gore managed to fearmonger his way into multiple millions for his own mammoth houses.

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Global warming hysteria, the “acid rain” scare, and other money-making megamyths!

Professor Larry Bell lays out a history of corrupted science dating to the acid rain scare that enriched companies through the sale of sulfur dioxide credits -- and the desire of companies like Enron, politicians like Al Gore, and richly rewarded scientists like James Hansen to equally profit from the sale of carbon dioxide credits. He further shows how these profiteers have fed their greed through false linkages between hurricanes and glaciers and carbon dioxide emissions. The hope is that the "man in the street" will be fed up with these charlatans before they do permanent damage to the reputation of good science everywhere.

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