Media ignore German coal plants, tout propaganda film ‘Fuel’

It is amazing how biased the international media is when it comes to reporting on energy generation, specifically electricity. In mid-August, Germany opened a new 2200MW coal-fired power station near Cologne, and virtually not a word has been said about it. This dearth of reporting is even more surprising when one considers that Germany has said building new coal plants is necessary because electricity produced by wind and solar has turned out to be unaffordably expensive and unreliable. In a deteriorating economic situation, Germany's new environment minister, Peter Altmaier, who is as politically close to Chancellor Angela Merkel as it gets, [...]

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The real story behind President Obama and Michael Vick

By Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. and Niger InnisPresident Obama recently called Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, to thank him for hiring MVP-candidate Michael Vick, and underscore the President’s support for giving rehabilitated ex-convicts a second chance. We strongly support both sentiments, and think it is wonderful that a God-gifted athlete like Vick can again market his formidable talents. Our church has an active, successful rehabilitation programs for men and women who “did their time” and want to become productive members of society. However, the main purpose of the call to Lurie had nothing to do with rehabilitation. It was to push [...]

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