Alaska’s ANWR opening

Making ANWR oil available is a big step forward for America and all who wish renewed strength to the land of the free. The caribou and their wild friends will never know the difference, but we will.

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Decline of oil predicted, but we’ve heard this before

According to a survey published last month in the United Kingdom, climate change risks will force a lower valuation of oil company stock prices within the next five years. But despite many predictions of demise over the last 50 years, global consumption of hydrocarbon energy continues to grow.

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America First Energy Conference

The Heartland Institute is gathering the country’s best energy policy experts, as well as key players in the industry, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Houston, Texas on Thursday, November 9, 2017, for its America First Energy Conference. It’s an event that will explain what has happened, and more importantly, what comes next.

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