Will climate alarmism abate as disaster fails to materialize?

CFACT advisor Larry Bell asks the rhetorical question -- Will the climate fanatics tone down their rhetoric given the lack of evidence of climate catastrophe? Indeed, though nearly every single fear-filled prediction of theirs has failed to occur, they will not be shamed into silence as long as the worldwide "science" community enjoys the financial benefits of parroting the party line.

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Global warming hurricane influence is overblown

No one should dispute the fact that hurricanes rank among our planet’s most terrifying and devastating natural disasters or that they are influenced by that enigmatically complex phenomena collectively referred to as “climate." Hurricane Matthew, which resulted in the tragic deaths of an estimated 34 people in the U.S., more than 500 in impoverished Haiti, and many billions of dollars of property and business losses, was clearly no exception. Climate changes and hurricanes began occurring long before the Industrial Revolution introduced smokestacks and SUVs. Sadly, and despite all best efforts of Al Gore, the United Nations, President Obama, and the EPA [...]

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Global warming hysteria, the “acid rain” scare, and other money-making megamyths!

Professor Larry Bell lays out a history of corrupted science dating to the acid rain scare that enriched companies through the sale of sulfur dioxide credits -- and the desire of companies like Enron, politicians like Al Gore, and richly rewarded scientists like James Hansen to equally profit from the sale of carbon dioxide credits. He further shows how these profiteers have fed their greed through false linkages between hurricanes and glaciers and carbon dioxide emissions. The hope is that the "man in the street" will be fed up with these charlatans before they do permanent damage to the reputation of good science everywhere.

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Weather related deaths plummet over last 100 years

Everyone knows global warming has spawned severe hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme weather events that are killing a lot more people, right? Well activists have made this claim, but the truth is mortality from extreme weather events has declined significantly over the past century.

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Bastardi: Tornadoes linked to the cold decadal Pacific shift and a cooling globe

Right now we’re seeing the same kind of major events on a regional scale that occurred the last time the Pacific Ocean shifted its temperature phase from warm to cold when the Atlantic was in a warm phase, and globally, the Earth’s temps have fallen about 0.05° C in the last four years.

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