Time to laugh away the shale gas scare

Energy prices are high, economies are reeling and people need relief -- Along comes the shale gas revolution at just the right time. 'What's that,' asks the radicals? 'Plentiful, safe, affordable, domestically produced energy? Can't have that. If there are no valid reasons to say no to shale, we'll have to get creative.' The anti-energy propaganda machine is geared up and running at full speed.

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The next environmental battlegrounds

When American voters reelected President Obama, they also returned his EPA, Interior and Energy Departments, and wide-ranging agenda for “fundamentally transforming” our nation. This will mean not only cementing Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, higher taxes, and rampant spending. It will also bring more disputes over energy and environmental regulations, the vanguard of Mr. Obama’s determined campaign to eliminate hydrocarbons that power our economy and embrace more “green” energy. The conflict will be fought primarily on six battlegrounds.

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Fractured fairy tales

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have boosted shale gas production from zero a few years ago to 10% of all US energy supplies in 2012, observes energy analyst Daniel Yergin. Fracking has also increased US oil production 25% since 2008 – almost all on state and private lands, and in the face of more federal land and resource withdrawals, permitting delays and declining public land production.

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Obama vs. Romney on oil and natural gas

President Obama boasts that, "We have increased oil production to the highest levels in 16 years. Natural gas production is the highest it’s been in decades." What's this "we" stuff? Romney counters, "the president’s right in terms of the additional oil production, but none of it came on federal land. As a matter of fact, oil production is down 14 percent this year on federal land, and gas production was down 9 percent.

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Winners and losers energy policies

Governor Mitt Romney strongly supports North American energy independence as the foundation of renewed US employment and prosperity. President Obama is waging war on fossil fuels, job creation, and efforts to end our economic recession and reduce dependence on Middle Eastern and Russian oil.

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Prospects for better economy at our feet

CFACT senior policy advisor Paul Driessen was cited in a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article by Jack Markowitz: "Paul Driessen thinks the new abundance is simply panicking the greenies. Especially those with an economic, as well as emotional, stake in limits to growth."

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What the frack is going on here?

Hydraulic fracturing sends “huge volumes of toxic fluids” deep underground at high pressure, to fracture shale rock and release natural gas, Food & Water Watch claims. “Billions of gallons of toxic fluids” will “contaminate” groundwater and drinking water “for generations.” We need to “Ban Fracking Now.”Environmentalists used to support “clean natural gas.” Whence the intolerant new attitude?    Oil companies have been using hydraulic fracturing for 60 years to get the most petroleum possible from grudging rock formations deep beneath the Earth. A few years ago, Mitchell Energy and others combined HF with horizontal drilling to tap into hydrocarbon-rich shale deposits that [...]

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