Protesters fail to stop U.S. pipeline growth

With rising protests backed by sympathetic media coverage, one might conclude that the US pipeline network is in decline, but this is not the case. Pipeline networks are expanding and increasingly used to safely transport oil, oil products, natural gas, and volatile liquids such as ethane, butane, and propane.

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Keystone is anti-hydrocarbon zealotry in microcosm

CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen laments the long, arduous battle to open the Keystone XL pipeline -- an action that would eliminate the need for 1,225 railroad tanker cars per day (450,000 per year) or 3,500 semi-trailer tanker trucks daily (1,275,000 annually) that currently transport oil to refineries, saving lives and costs and creating jobs in rural America. Driessen also recounts the many ways that fossil fuels enrich humanity -- from feed stocks for paints, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and other products to powering the manufacturing centers that create computers, smart phones, healthcare technologies, vehicles, and batteries.

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Keystone advances

The Keystone XL pipeline has passed every environmental and economic test, yet has been thwarted time and again. Barack Obama became Keystone's obstructor in chief. CFACT's Paul Driessen explains at The Hill that Keystone just took a giant step forward.

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GOP energy report card: 2015

CFACT policy advisor Marita Noon says the GOP Congress got one A, two Bs, a C, and two Ds on its energy policy report card during 2015 -- but the B for the Keystone Pipeline ought to be an F if results, not good intentions, are the basis for grading.

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Obama rejects Keystone XL

After years of deliberate delays President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline today. This is a victory for radical environmentalists and those who wish America ill. It is a punch in the face to everyone else.

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What’s really behind anti-Keystone fanaticism?

CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen reports that Big Green sees the Keystone XL pipeline as THE symbol of its anti-hydrocarbon crusade -- and that wealthy liberal foundations, billionair Tom Steyer, and Hollywood elites have poured hundreds of millions -- even billions -- of dollars into ensuring that the pipeline will never get approval. They are in for the kill and smell the blood of anyone with ties to coal, oil, and even natural gas. And this is what is killing the U.S. economy.

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Obama’s war on U.S. energy

Alan Caruba argues that President Obama is waging a real war against conventional U.S. energy sources -- coal, oil. and natural gas -- but in ways that benefit his friends and punish his enemies. His solar initiatives have mostly been money laundering operations (at least, effectively) like Solyndra; his continued stalling on the Keystone XL pipeline benefits billionaire Warren Buffett; and his administration has issued the fewest number of onshore oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands since the government began maintaining leasing and drilling permit records.

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Build the Keystone pipeline, already!

CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen suggests that President Obama's State of the Union address -- in particular, his promise to bring back jobs -- will be meaningless, bloviating nonsense if he does not approve construction of the Keystone Pipeline -- the nation's number one shovel-ready project. The State Department has once again given the pipeline project a green light -- and all but the Greens are on board. It's time to put up or shut up talking about helping the U.S. economy.

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America in lockdown

CFACT Senior Advisor Paul Driessen documents how the Obama Administration has put the lid on economic growth by locking down oil and gas and minerals production on federal lands and watyers, then imposing heavy burdens on existing and planned operations -- all the while promising jobs creation only through federal subaidies for so-called "clean" energy that in fact has its own downsides (dead eagles and other birds, the need for rare-earth minerals that must come from China since he has locked down U.S. deposits from production, etc.). Moreover, his EPA is on a mad mission to control nearly every aspect of American society. Things must change if the youth of America can rekindle real (rather than false) hope for their future.

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Keystone obfuscation must end now!

If he truly cares about American jobs, it is time for President Obama to expedite approval of Keystone. Any further delay would send a clear signal to the nation, and to Canada, that he will never approve the project and has no real interest in creating jobs and getting our economy back on track. The charade would be over. The President who promised to bankrupt coal companies would go on record as trying to bankrupt oil companies and keep Americans in unemployment lines.

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